Cameroon – Africa in Miniature

Located by the Gulf of Guinea on the West Coast of Africa, The Country of Cameroon Is Clamped Between PowerFul Nigeria and Equatorial Guineea. Althrow It is not the Largest Country in the Continent, Cameroon CaniaTure Africa ”Becase Are Regions Where the Talk in French and English, There Are Muslim and Hristian Regions, and Its Territory Surprises The Variety of Landscapes: Cits, Mountains , Tropical Forests, Desert, Tall Plateau, Golden Beaches, Wide Lakes and Immense Savannahs.

The Attractions of Cameroon

The Capital of Jound Is Located On Seven Hills and Offers Several Intersting Places for Tourists: The Art Museum of Cameroon, Which Is Located in the BeneDictine Monastery, The Monte Fe Mont Mont Ebe Crafts Museum and the National Museum of the Yuunda. The Real Attractions Are White Beaches in the Limb, Were You Can Still Enjoy The Delightful Botanical Garden. Another Iconic Beach is the Lotor Beach in Crib. A Peculiar City Is Fumban, Were You Get Acquainted with Attractions Such as the Bafut Fon Palais Museum, and the Museum of Arts.

Like Most African Territories, The Country of Cameroon Has Many National Parks. The Most Exotic Are: Benou National Park, Vaza National Park, Buba National Park, Kalamalou, National Park of Goril Lobeke (Lobe). A Separate Ethnic Attraction Is the Pigma of the Tank. A tour of the south-east of the conserva there the Live Will Introduce Their Medicine, Hunting Methods and Dancing.

National Cuisine of Cameroon

The Main Food of Local Resident are Corn, Millet, Maniks, Peanuts, Bananas and Yams Root. It iss the ingredients thatfu National Dish Is Press, and Other Popular Culinary Work IS Jamma, Preparted from A Variety of Spice Vegetables. The Country of Cameroon and A Variety of Food Is Famous: In Rural Areas theat from the Same Dishes, and in Citsording to Europene Standards.

The Weather of Cameroon

The Main Feature of Cameroon’s Weather Is High Humidity, Two Wet Seasons: September-November and April-June, Characterized by Abundant Precipitation and High Temperperatures: Up Temperperatures: Up O 35 Degrees. Located Near Sahara, The Country of Cameroon Suffers from the Strongest Summer Heat. Thhees Weather Conditions Predetermine the Best Time to Visit Cameroon: from Novmber to February.