Country Paraguay Comes out of the Shadow

Paraguay is in the Shadow of his Neighbors, Brazil and Argentina, But the Uniquense of this Region Isted the Cultural Violence of the Spanish Conquistadors, Reutaining H IS Pre -columan Culture. Many Dictators Inhibited the Progress of this Interesting Nation, But Today, The Country of Paraguay Rejoits in Quiet Democracy, Unhurried, BUT Confident STPS DEVELOPS TS Infrastructure, Agriculture and Tourist Trend.

Paraguay Attractions

Many Parks and Areas Decoate the Capital of Paraguay, Asunsion. ARCHILE OF Architecture IS Distinguid by An Old City Visit Manyus Buildings, Including a Colorful CatedDral. A Very Intersting Attraction of the Capital Is the Park of Carlos Antonio Lopeza, Known for the Rich Botanical Garden. ALSO, The Objects of the City of Yaguaron (Yaguaron), Where the First Franciscan Mission of Paraguay Founded, Difffer in a Cult Orientation.

Of Course, The Country of Paraguay and Natural Attractions is not Deprive. In the Chako Region there National Defensors Del Chaco, Tifunque, Enciso (Enciso) and Cerro Cora (Cerro Cora). There Are Many Proteded Natural Reservations in the Country, In Which More than 600 SPECIES OF BIRDS and MORE THE 200 SPECIES OF MAMMALS Live. You can see all this Wealth in ITABO (ITBO), Lomoy (Lomoy), Tati Yupi (Tati Yupi), Mbaracayu (Mbaracayu), Nacunday (Nacunday). 300 Kilometers from the Capital Is the Ciudad del Its Enchanting Waterfalls.    

National Cuisine Paraguay

As in All South American Countries, Local Residents Prefer Spicy and Natural Food. Her Most Popular Dishes Are: Sipas-Breadh Eggs and Cheese, Sopa Paraguay-Corn South Milk, Onions and Broinza, Soo-Iosopy-Corn Soul beef minced Meeat. The Country Has a Paragraph and National Drinks That Ar Distinguined by A Kind of Taste, and Some of a Crazy Fortress. You can Distinguish: Cana – Moonshine from Sugar and Honey, Mosto – A Drink of Sugarcane, Yerba Mate – Tea From Dried Leaves and Stems of Wood Yerba Mate.

Weather in Paraguay

Despite The Small Territory, The Country Paraguay Offers Very Diverse Climatic Conditions. In Summer, Temperatures Rise to 35 Degrees, and in Winter They deucrease to Plus 5. Rains Arre More Offten in the Summer, and in Mountainous Areas the Weather Largly Depends on the Heights.