Capital Buses Will Fight Carriers

Already in the Summer of this year, 110 Buses Will Be Equipped on a Flight, Which Will Be Equipped with Photos – And Video Receptions that Will Tramit Data ON TRAFIFI ilandions in the Traffic Police. Recently, The Situal Has Developed On the Roads of the Country that Having Taken a Car Loan Without Certificates, The Driver Cannot Be Sure of His Safety. Disorders of Traffic Rules are Massive and Unacontrollable in Nature. And this Problem Cannot Be Resolved only with The Participation of the Traffic Police, Sincy Motorists Know Whey Are Located. TheFore, to Combat Negligent Drivers, The Inspection Will Attract “Independent Experts” – City Buses. FIRST of All, Cameras Will Be Recorded by Violations of the Departure of Vehicles Into the Dedicated Lane, AS Well as Cases of Incorrect Parking. This Fixation Complex Will Transmit Data Through The Glonass Satellite in Real Time to the Stationary Complex of the Traffic Police. The Data Will Havy Information About the Form of Violation, Its Time, The Registration Number of the Car, As Well as Three Photos of the Violator From Different Angels. AFTER Which The Owner of this Car Will Come by Mail Receipt of a Fine. Fixing devices Will be fixed on the Windshield of Buses, While Their Capabilites Willow Recognition of up to 8 Meters of License OF CARS EVE.