Capital Taxi Drivers Began the Strike “In Italian”

Moscow Taxi Drivers Who Legally Conduct Their Activities Began a Strike in the Italian Style, Thus Protesting Against the Inattenation of the Authorites to their Problems. The fact is that Believed That Their Rights, AS Official Carriers of Passengers, Shoup Be Equal to the Rights That Has Public Transport of the Capital.

The Strike in Italian Has the Peculiarity that Its Participants, Without Stopping Their Activities, Make Their Work So Right That Creates Some Inconventeence To Cubeomers. For Example, Drivers Sticktly Adhere to the Rules of Stoping, And Now, Despite the Passenger’s to Land in a Place Convenent for Him, He is Being Brouugcht To Coer Such An Opppor Tunity is Provided for by The Rules of the Road. CondUCTING SUCH ACTION, DRIVERS Areced to Refuse Their Customers in Their Requests, Hoping for Their Mutual Understanding. AFTER ALL, The AMOUNT of Fines for Incorrect Parking Or Traveling to the Public Transport Line May Exceded the Earnings of a Taxi Driver for A. Inst, spending this Money on Car Maintenance, New Cast Disscs or Someting Else, They Areced to Give Them to the Budget.

In Addition, Legal Taxi Drivers Demand the City Hall to Save Them From Competition With Taxi Drivers-Illegals, Who Damage NOT ONLY THEIR EARNINGS, BUT ALSO THE CITY THE CITY BUDEM.