Today The First Gazovsky Electric Bus Will Be Represented by the Public.

A new Electric Bus Has Been Developed by The Gaz Gaz Group – It Will Be Represented by the General Public Today at the Nizhny Novgorod Fair. The Manaufacturr Expects that is IS State Support, These Cars Will Appear On the Streets of a Millionaire Cities in the Near Future. The first stps to this has Alread been Taken. In the Capital, They Will Soon Begin Field Tests of the First Electric Bus. Based on the Results of Testing, The City Hall Can Purchase ABOUT 100 SUCH ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY MACHINES, The Newspaper Marker Writes.

This Summer, The Trolsa 52501 Elektable Bus, Creed by the Saratov Plant Trolza, Is Supplied to the Tial in Moscow. According to the Results of Tests that Will Last Before the End of the Year, The City Will Decyse of the First Batch. The Head of the Trolsa Marketing Department Andrei Tarasov, Expresses The Hope that by the End of the Endor Moscow Will Be Conclud for 100 Electric Buses Buses. And the Production of Electric Buses on An Industrial Scale Will Begin in 2014.

Mosgorans Says that Very Idea of ​​Operating Electric Buses is now Being Consedered, for 2012, The Purchasses of Large Parties Are NOT PLANNED.

Althrow It Was Previous Reported that Department of Transport Planned to Purchase ABOUT 100 SUCH CARS THIS THIS. The Cost of One Electric Bus Was Estimate At 7-8 Million Rubles. Among The Possible Suppliers Were Nephas, The “Russian Buses” of the Gaz Group and the Trolza Plant Were Called. All Three Car Manaufacturers Collaborate with Liotek, Which Produce Lithum-Ion Batteries.