Car Tuning.

Recently, it is Very Fashionable to do Car Tuning. For Example, Having Bought, For a Symbolic Amount, The Same “Penny”, Having Restored the Body, Going Throhh The Engine, You CanLl it PRICE OF ANEW, MODINE CAR. The Most Fashionable Domestic Brands of Cars, for Restoration and Tuning Are Gaz 21, VAZ-2101, ZAZ-965 (Gorbaty), ZIL-4104. By the Way, The Restored Zil Costs, By Current Standards, A Whole Fortune, ABOUT 2500,000 RUBLES. But to find cheap “zylok” for restoration, in outtime it is Very Difficult, Due to the Limited Circulation of the Limousine. Another Fashionable Movement is Tuning Cheap Cars, Into More Expensive and Prestigious Brands. So the Kazakh Craftsmen, Recently, Remade The Old Mersedes-Bens S-Klass in 140 Body, In One of Most Expensive and Prestigious Cars of Our Time, Rolls-Royce Phantom. All the Little Things Were Observed, Up To the Opening of the Rear Doors AGainst the Movement of the Car. Rolls-Royce Nameplate Are Placed Both on the Back and in the Cabin, Which, In Fact, Remained Mercedesovsky. Of course, a whimsical eye, it will be able to determine a fake by such trifles as the lack of a figurine on the hood, the lack of a central partition in the cabin and several details. But Given that Such a “Phantom” Cost the Owners of 410,000 Rubles. (Mersedes S500-320000 RUB., The Cost of Materials IS 90,000 RUB.) Unlike the Original, Worth 13,500,000 Rubles., You can close your eyes, for these differences. IS not it?