Nissan Micra Car Is Ideal for the Beautiful Half of Humanity

Nissan Micra (2003 -2010)

Greetings to You, Friends. AGREE THETERARA CARS THAT ARAR DRIVING A MALE DRIVER is VERY Difficult. Motorists Also Call them “Ladies”. It is Like a ladies’ handbag, Which a “Real Man” Will Never Take in His Hands. For example, The Nissan Micra Car. The Designers Seemed to Sculpted Its Appeerate for the Beautiful Half of Humanity.

In General, The Attitude in Russia to Micro -liters, To Put It Mildly, Neglect. IS Generally Accepted That They Areeliable, Cannot Provide Sufficent Protection for Passengers in the Event of An Accident. And it is not Prestigious to Ride a Small Car. Althrow in the Same Europe, Micro -Lines are a significant share of the car park. But in Other Things, You Can Read About the Advantages and Disadantages of Small Cars Here. And Today we are talking ABOUT THE THIRD -GENERATION NISSAN Micra, Produed from 2003 to 2010. The Car Was Creed in 2002 on the Unified Renault Platform – Nissan.


EVEN A TALL DRIVER Will BE Convenently Accommodated

The Line of the Bodies Has 3- and 5- A DOOR OPTION and EVEN ASTYLISH COMPARTMENTBLE WITHA A FOLDING ROof. Say that the Body Is Highly Subject to Corrosion, But It Has Weaknesses. SO, AFTER 3-4 YEARS of OPERATION, YOU CAN FIND TraCES OF RUST ON THE FIFTH Door. Chips Are Formed On the Arches of the Wheels and On the Front of the Hood. Chrome Linings Are Quickly Fading. So The Additional Protiation of the Body Will Not Hurt.


The Car Was Equipped with A 1.0 -liter with a Capacy of 65 Liters of Gasoline Engines. With., 1.2 – Liter with a Capacy of 80 Liters. With. And 1.4 –

Cars with 1.2 and 1.4 Engines Were Supplied to Russia

Liter 88 l. With. And 1.5 – A Liter Turbodiesel that Develops Depending on the Settings of 65 Or 82 Liters. With. CARS WERE SUPPLIED To Russia with GASLINE MOTORS with A Volume of 1.2 and 1.4 Liters. The Circuit Is Used in the Drive of the Timing. She is a Weak Place. Offten, Quite Offen the Chain, During Operation, IS Extended Due to – For Which The Phasses of Gas Distribution Are Violated. Replacing the Chain Will Cost 22 Thousand Rubles. Even Cases of Her Breakdown Were Recorded. The Repair Will Be Pulled Alread for 40 Thousand. From Oour Fuel to 100 Thousand Mileage May Fail the Air Flow Sensor (Its Cost Is ABOUT 4 Thousand Rubles) and Catalytic Neutralizer. In Domestic Workshops, The Problem Is Solved Simply – They Remove the Neutralizer Completely. But the Content of Co2 Will No Longer Comply with The Declared Factory. More of the Minuses – The Tendency of the Engines to a Large Consumption Oil. It can reach up to 0.6 Liters Per Thousand.


Either 5 – STEPM MKPP ManUFACTURED BY RENAULT, OR JAPANESE 4 – The Nissan Range Machine, Were Installed Micra Cars. Moreover, Both Transmission Options Were Combined with 1.2 – A Liter Engine and with 1.4 – Liter. There are no serious complains from a Mechanical Box, it is Generally Consedered Eternal, Not a Machine Gun. The Main Requirement Is Regular Oil Replaceement EVERY 60 Thousand Kilometers. The Machine May Require Repair After 180 Thusand Mileage. But the Cost of Work is not Very ruin. Full Bulkhead Will Cost ABOUT 40 Thousand Rubles.


The Three of the Back is Close, But it Will Be Convenent for Two

Despite The Modest Dimensions, The Nissan Micra Interior Is Quite Spacious. EVEN A TALL DRIVER Will BE Comfortable Behind the Wheel. Fining Materials of Very Decent Quality. By ergonomics and the location of the Godning Bodies of Special Claims, Too. The Three of them Will Certainly Be Crowded on the Back Sofa, But Two Passengers and On a Long Journey Will Be Comfortable. But the Trunk Does Not has. In it, at Best, a Small Suitcase Will Fit. But Let’s Not Forget that this is all a city car.


The Suspension Is Very Hardy. Almost to 100 Thousand Run, Its Maintenance Costs Can Only Be Associated with the Replacement of Stabilizer Racks, Their Cost is 1 Thousand Rubles apiece, and supporting bearings T the racks. The Rear Suspension At All To 150 Will Not Require Attendation, There, In Fact, There Is Nothing to Break.

But the Trunk Is Quite Modest

Here it is – Nissan Micra Car. Reliable, Roomy, Convenent in Management. Ideal for Beautiful Ladies. But its Cost in the Secondary Market Is Rather Big, You have to Pay for All the Good. The Price of Cars of the Very First Issues Starts from a Mark of 200 Thousand Rubles and Can Reach Up TO 450 Thousand For A Fresh Option. The Choice of Configurations Is Quite Large, So that Evry Taste Will Satiffy. By the Way, Despite the “Ladies’ Appe their, The Little Car Is Going Very Well. At Least Sitting Behind the Wheel, You Donat Feel Infringed. SO, iflique views and grin of the “Steep Macho” from Sophisticated Cars are not Embarrassed, Thor Daily Trips Around Micra Is Ideal For THE MALEARENEN CE.