Cat d’ Ivoire – IVORY

As One of the Most Miniature Territories of Africa, The Country of the Cat D’ Ivoire Has Great Cultural Wealth. While The South Coastal Areas Weres An Example of Prosperity and Modernity, The Northern and Western Regions Are for Two Most Important Local Crops – Senoufo and Dan.

The Attractions of the Cat d’ Ivoir

The Capital of Yamusugro (Yamoussoukro) Has Several Intersting Attracts. Tourists Can See the Picturesque Squares of the City, The Presidential Palace and the Plantation, The Notre Dame-La-La-La-La-PAIX) CATHEDRAL, WHICH IS of GREAT ArchitESTUR Al Interest. Less than the Great Cathedral of. Peter, He Has a Large Number of Stained Glasses than the Whole of France. Former Stolny City, Abidjan, Offers Adrenaline Nightlife. ItsTains The National Museum of the Country Containing Historical Artifacts, Statues and The Richest Collection of Ivory, Which is Rich in the Cat d’ Ivoire.

ABOUT 100 Kilometers from Abidjan Built The Most Famous Resort – Assouinde (Assouinde). In Addition, The D’ Ivoire Cat Has Several Colorful Resorts: Tiagba (Tiagba), Grand Bassam and Bondoukou. In the West of the Country, Tourists have the Opportunity to Explore the Entertainment City of Man, Located in the Area of ​​the Wooded Mountans. Its Popular Attractions are Nearby Waterfalls, a Thin Mountain (Tonkoui) and the Ethnic Villages of Biankuma and Hussesso.

National Cuisine Cote d’ Ivoire

The Main Products of this state are Bananas, Millet, Rice and Peanuts. Each Region of Such a Multinational Territory As the Country of the Cat d’ Ivoire Has Its Preferences in Cook. For Example, in the North, Rice with Acute Peanut Sauce is Very Popular, and Closer to the Coast – Fish Dishes. The Real National Dish Can BE Considered Fufu and Kedjenou Sauce, Which is Made of Peanuts, Eggplant, Zucchini and Tomato.

Weather in the Cat d’ Ivoire

Like Most of the Central African States, The Country of the Cat d’ Ivoire Has a Wet and Hot Climate. BUT THIS IS MORE to Relate to the Northern Regions, Because in the Coastal Areas of the Rains there Half. The Temperature Minimum is 22 Degrees in Winter, and the Maximum is 35 Degrees, in the Summer. The Autumn and Spring Months Are the Most Rain, and Winter Are the Most Comfortable for Tourism.