Repair kits for cars: how to choose and their purpose

Car repairs are carried out using various spare parts, which include components and parts, sealing components and other products.

Many of them are assembled into repair kits to carry out the entire range of work at once, without wasting time searching for all the elements. To select a specific option, it is suggested that you look at the website for more information.


Repair kits are assembled for components and parts that experience various loads during vehicle operation, are subject to natural wear and tear, and require replacement. That is, the concept of a repair kit usually means a set of elements that are used to replace those that cannot be repaired.

Most often this includes oil seals, cuffs, seals, bushings and other types of parts. There are two options: complete, when all gaskets, seals, washers and other types of products are included, and incomplete, when there are only basic spare parts, gaskets and similar elements are not included in the kit.

There are both types of kits on the KLIFEX website. They can also be divided according to the following parameters:

  1. The type of vehicle component that is being repaired. This could be the engine, suspension, pumps, injectors, steering rack and other types.
  2. Make and model of car for which this repair kit is suitable.
  3. Original spare parts that are identical to those installed on the vehicle, or third-party products suitable for a specific vehicle.

In the company’s online store you can buy repair kits for any car, which are available on the roads.


The repair kit should only be used for its intended purpose. For example, if it is designed for the injectors of a specific engine, then the parts will only fit that powerplant, regardless of the car model.

Often components and parts are very similar on different models; when choosing, you need to decide on the product code, it is indicated on the page of a specific product. This number is identical to what is in the spare parts catalog of the machine model; this marking is set by the manufacturer.

When carrying out work, it is recommended to use the entire repair kit. That is, all existing parts are installed, the old ones are replaced, even if they look intact, and are capable of serving for a certain time. This is required so that wear is even and there are no unpleasant surprises when, after repairs, the same unit comes out of the car again.