The Country Is Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is a country that is localn Africa, Has no Access to the Sea. The City of Harara Is the Capital of the Country. The Time from Moskovsky Is 2 Hours.   Official Language in Zimbabwe Is English, NeverTheless, Residents Communicate on Mashon and Matabel.

The Country Is Known Throughhout The World to African Safari. Here You can take a Picture and Hunt for Such Animals as: Giraffes, Zebras, Ivory, Buffalo, ETC. D.

A unique Lake Called Karib Harara is a gate into the Amazing World of the Wildlife of Africa. It is Necessary to visit.

It is Very Interesting to look at the Ten Meter Conter Conter, Which is a PowerFul Source for the Discover outs of Scientists. Reservices and National Parks are Incredibly Beautiful: In the North-West of Zimbabwe, Park Hwang, in the South-East of Gona-Ra-Jou and Matobo. Attractive for Tourists The African Market in Mbar.

Kyle Park Park, Located Near Moswing and this Park Is One of the Beautiful Places. For Tourists, A Park of Rest and Entertainment “Caves of Chinhai” Was Made for Tourists.

In the Mountains There is a Holy Chapel of Rain Called Ndble, Here People Beg Raining From God Mvari. The Peaks of the Holes of Shumba and Shumba Sham Are Consedered by the Local Residents Saints, and They Believed if the Climb Them, There Will Certainly Be Happines.

National Cuisine

To the National Cuisine of Zimbabwe, Which IS Quite Not Light, A More Delicate Cuisine of Britain is Adeded. The Main Dish Isaisa Porridge, A Dish of Meat, Chicken, Pigs or Crocodiles, Impasses and Kudu.

You Certainly Need to Taste Delicious and Fragrant Pumpkin Puree.   Fromical Dishes, You Definitely Need to try the Tail of A Sticker from Ostrich and Many Other Exotic Dishes. On the Table of the People of Zimbabwe, there Always Mais Cakes. Fruits Arewally Served for Dessert.

In City Bars, Which Allow Only Floor To Visit, They Serve A Local Beer Called Chibuka, It Ised From Cocoa and Liquid Porridge. All the Coffee that is Grown in Zimbabwe Is Exported, So During the Trip, Tourists have to Abandon it.


The Climate in the Northern Part of Zimbabwe is Subequatorial, and in the Southern – Tropical.   They Distinguish Three Periods a year: a hot and rainy Summer (from Novmber to march, The Temperature Plus Twenty-Oven Degrees Celsius), Cool and Arid Winter (From April To June , The Temperature is Thirteen and Seventeen Degrees Celsius in the mountains) can be frozen), Warm and Arid Dry Spring (from august to october month, Temperature Thirty to Forties Celsius).

The Coldest Months of the Year is June and July a Month. At this time, the main part of the consal. In Novmber, The Rainy Period Begins.