Colorful Country Ecuador at the Pacific Ocean

Located at The Equator, The Country of Ecuador Is One of the Smallest Countries of the Andes, But, Despite the Size, Has an Amazing Variety of Animal and Plant World. In a Short Time, a Traveler, Having Gone Between The Pacific Coast and Tropical Forests to the Capital of Kito, Surrouded by Volcanoes Covered with Ice, Can Observe Stryking Changes Scenery, Temperature and Height.

The Attractions of Ecuador

Kito Located at the Pichincha Volcano (Pichincha) Retained the Unique Spirit of Spanish Colonialism. He Will BE Interested in Squares, Churches, Museums, Palaces, and At the Entrance to the City Granite Obelisk Rates, and the Marked Equator. The Country is Literally Dotted with Volcanoes. Latacunga (Latacunga), and Ambato (Ambato) Offer a Real Boulevard of Volcanoes, Among Which The Active Volcano of Kuilota (Quilota) Stands Out in the National Park of Kotopoxi (Cotopaxi (Cotopaxi PAXI). The Main Port and Shopping Center of the Country, Guayakil (Guayaquil), Will Interest the Attractions: Rotonda Tower and Paseo-de Las Colonias, Simon Bolivar Boulevard And Planchada Boulevard (Paseo de Las Colonias).

On the Coast of Ecuador, The Most Interesting Cits Are: Plaid-Sorotia (Planchada) and Salinas. Muisine Island Contains The Coolest Beaches in the Country. The Country of Ecuador’s Country Cannot Help Boast of Its Eastern Part, Were of the Great Amazon Represents The Virgin World with The Exotic Flora and Fauna, Andaers, And Weree, And Wrashe Were, And Weree, And Weree, And Weree, Andes Weree, Andes Weree, and Weree, Andes OU Can Get Acquainted with The Tradeite Life and Customs of Local Indians, Especially in The Field of Santo-Domingo de Los Colorados (Santo Domingo de Los Colorados).

National Cuisine of Ecuador

Gurmans, Country Ecuador Offers The Following National Dishes: Cuy – Grill’s Guinea Pig, Llappingachos – Crepe Filled with Potates and Cheese, Locro – Potato Soulop. Shrimp and Crustaceans Are Very Popular Here, Which Areted with Fried Banana Slices. Another Country of Equador Offers Many Types of Alcoholic Beveges. For Example, Fruit Juice Naranjilla, Canelazo – Moonshine from Sugarcane, Pisco – Local Brandy.

Weather in Ecuador

All year, Daily Temperatures in Ecuador Do Not Fall Below 28 Degrees. In the Period of December-May, Which is Consedered the Hottest, The Temperature Can Rise to 38 Degrees. IS Even More Humid and Hot in the Amazon Basin, Where a Huge Amount of Precipitation Falls.