Kia Spectrum Car

Kia Spectra Car (2004 – 2009 of the Release)

What Qualites do We Put at the Forefront, Choining a Used Car? I Think that I Will Not Be Mistaken, Claiming that Majority Will Say: “Of Course, ReliaBility and Acceptable Costs”. If the Qualites Also Play a Significant Role for You, Take a Closer look at the Kia Spectrum Car.

Many Believed that Appension of the Spectra Is Outdated. Which is Basically Not Surprising, Because The Car Was Developed Back in 1997. SINCE 2004, The Spectrum Has Gathered in Russia for Six Years. The Car Is Difficult to Attribute to the Model of Design Thumbe, However, It Has Other Qualites, Much More Important for the Owner – Reliability, Unpretentiousens and Accessi BILITY. The Kia Spectrum Car Was Produed only with the Sedan Body and the only 1.6 -liter Gasoline Engine with a Capacy of 101 Liters. With. UNFORTUNATELY, The Koreans Apparently Vid Not Know That The Transport Tax for a Car with A Capacy of 100 Liters. With. And 101 l. With. Significantly Different. But The Transmission Options are Provided for Two- 5- STEPPING UNITARY ENTERPRISE AND 4-RANGE “Automatic”.

The Interior of the Cabin of the Kia Spectrum Car Looks Rustic, The Materials in the Decoration ALSO Not the Most Practical, and the Ergonomics Leaves Much to Be Desired. This is not surpring, Age Affects. However, The Interior Is Spacious and Allows You to Comfortably Accommodate Both The Driver and Passengers. Unless the Three of the Three Will Be Crowded in the Back Seat. The Luggage Compartment Volume Is 440 Liters, By Current Standards Not the Largest, Althrow, In My Opinion, It Is Quite Enure. The Rear Seat (with the Exception of the Basic Version) is Laid Out in Parts.

The Engine, As MentionalD ABOVE, IS Only One – A Gasoline Four, With a Volume of 1.6 Liters, IS Consedered Durable. IT Works Great AT 95 – M and 92 – M Gasoline. Problems with Him Cance Be Associated with the Periodic Failure of Various Sensors, Relay and Electronic Blocks. The Main Thing is to Change the Timing Belt in A Timely Manner. The Instructions Presscribes to Carry Out This Procedure Everey 60 Thousand Km, But on Services Its Recommoded to Change the Belt after 50 Thousand Km. The Cost of Work Together with Components, ABOUT 6 Thousand Rubles. It is not uncommon to flow The Radiator 3 To 4 Years of Operation, OUR Road Reagents Affect.

The Kia Spectrum Suspension Is Traditional: The Front is Macpherson, The Back is a Multi -Link. There are practically no problems with her. In the Rear Suspension Are Consedered Problematic Springs, They Very Quickly Sag Even with A Sparing Load. The Cost of Replacing 5.5 Thousand Rubles Together with Work. The Rest of the Nodes Go for a Long Time, The Silent – The Blocks of Lavers Canchstand Up To 120 – 150 Thusand KM, Ball Supports Up to 70 Thusandand. Shock Absorbers have to be replaced after 80 Thousand Km, Their Cost is 1800 Rubles apiece. The Rest of the Spare Parts for the Suspension are also not expensive.

The Transmission of the Car Kia Spectra Will Also Not Deliver the Trouble. The Mechanical Box Has a Weak Plastic Sleeves of the Backstage of the Lever, They Arening Inter 120 Thusand Km, But the Repair Costs a Penny. U

“Automat” for 150 Thousand May Require a Replacement for a Hydruskeeper of Valves, Which Will Cost 15 Thousand Rubles and Package of Frictions (18 Thusand Rubles).

The Main Thing You Need to Pay Attend to When Choining a USD Car Is the Condition of the Body. IS Protected by Galvanic Coating and is well Opposed to Corrosion, But the Quality of Color, As in Many Korean Cars, Doges not Shine with Quality. On 2 – 3 year -LD Cars of the Kia Spectrum, You Can Find A Lot of Chips on the Hood, Bumpers and Wings. So look Carefully. Another Weak Point of An Electrician. The Terminals of Electrical Conneptions are Poorly Protected. TheFore, in Accessible Places, They Offten Acidify from the Effects of Anti -Inging Reagents, Which ABundant OUR Roads in the Winter in Winter in Winter in Winter.

In General, The Kia Spectrum Car Is Perfect for the Role of A Family Car. Who I Write ABOUT THIS WITH SUCH Confidence? My Good Comrade Has Been “Dashing” for Three Years on Kia Spectrum. The Mileage of More than 120 Thousand Km and For the Entire Time of the Spectrum Has Established from the Most Positive Side.

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