Melissani – Cave Lake

Melissani – The Greeks Gave The Cave in Such a Wonderful Name, In Which The Beautiful Lake Is Located. This interligation Symbiosis is located in the east of the islands of Kefalonia (Near the City Themselves), Which is Part of the Ionic Archipipels.

The Formation of a Natural Miracle

A Similar Geological Miracle AROSE ASULT of the Most Complex Process in Rocks of the Island. Water Literally Dissolved and Washed Out Mountain Limestone Rocks, Destroying Them and Creating Various Cavits. In the Very Center of the Cave, White Was Formed in This Way, the IS an Amazing Lake, The Estimated Age of IS IS MORE 20 Thushand 20. The Water in Its Perfectly Clean with A Small Turquoise Tint. Along the Edges of the Lake – Where 3 Components are in contact – Water, Air and Rock Limestone Breeds Are Plants of Emerald Color, Which Complement the Incredibly Fabulous Spi Rit of this Place. No Wonder The Ancient Greeks Greatly Respected this Place. According to Their Legend, Nymphs Were Found Here.

Melissani – Cave Lake ABOUT 4 Thousand Years AGO, A Strong Earthquake Fell on Thuese Lands. It Broke The “Roof” of the Cave and after the Sun’s Rays Passing Through The Formed Hole Began to the Surface of the Lake. They Are Refracted in the Middle of the Thickness of the Lake and Create an Extraordine Effect of Blue, Illuminating the Water to the Bottom of the Lake. IF You Swim Along this Lake on a Boat, The Effect of Staying in Zero Gravity Is Created – There is So Crystal Pairity in It Water. The Largest Depth Is 14 Meters. But Even in this Place you can observe the surface of the Bottom.

Another Interesting Feature of Melissani is that in it fresh water interventes with Salty. Most Water Is Fresh. However, Salty Water Enters there from the Sea, Passes from One Side of the Cave to the Other and the Goes into the Sea Again. Thus, She Makes a Path of 13 Kilometers.

Lake Melissani. Myths

Lake Melissani Has Its Own, Special Mythology Associated with this Place. Due to Its Unearthly Beauty and Isolation from the Outside World, There Was an Ideal Place For Relyigious Events. For a long time this Wonderful Place Was Not Known to Humanity. While the Shepherd from the Village Nearby Accidentally Got Lost and Vid Decide to Go into the Cave. She Fascinated Him with Her Splendor. Later, The Greeks Used the Melissani for Their Rites. Archaeologists Found Small Figurines of the Gods There, As Well as the Drawings of Nymph. All Exhibits Collected there Available for Viewing in the City of Kefalonia, Which is located on the island.