Country of Bulgaria – Ancient Country of Europe

Country of Bulgaria – IS Consedered One of the Most Ancient Countries in Europe. In ITS Current Territory in Europe, The Bulgarian State Was Creed in 681. The Capital of the State of the City of Sofia.

The Sights of Bulgaria

The Advantage of Bulgaria Is Extensive Resting Opportunites and Very Acceptable Price. A Great Vacation Spot for Tourists – Lovers to Accept Sunbathing and Swimming, UndoubTeDly, Is the Coastal Line of the Bulgarian Coast. The Country is Glorified by Long Sandy Beaches, Along Which There Many Hotels and Historical Places.

To the South of Sofia is the Famous Eastern Orthodox Monastery IS undubtedly Worth Visiting. The Interior of the Cathhedral Shock with Their Beauty Exquisite Arches and Numerous Sculptures.

No Less Interesting Is the Old City of Sozopol. The City Is Small and Ideal for Walking. In this City, Tourists Canoe Anjoy Ancient Buildings, As Well as Swim in the Sea and Relax on the Shore. There are Many Places in Bulgaria Where Rest on the Coast Canet with a Visit to Historical Attractions.

An Unusually Beautiful and Old City in Bulgaria Is a Swimmer Located ON Hill. The City Contains a Wide Variety of Museums and Monments that Are Worth Looking At. PLOVDIVA is widly Known for the Renaissance Style.

Walking Around the Village of Koprivstits, Tourists Seem To Be Tolerated While the Bulgarians Fough with Ottoman Rules. Koprivstitsa is rich in Memorials and Museums Where National Costures, Jewelry and Weapons are placed.

National Dishes of Bulgaria

Bulgaria Is Called the Country of Vegetables. IT Consumes Vegetables in Any Form: Pickled, Raw, Boined, Fried, Stewed and Stuffed. Bulgarians Begins with Salads. The Most Famous of them Is Salad Chopsky. Its Composition Includes: Tomatoes, Onions, Feta Cheese, Cucumbers and Red Sweet Pepper.

The Second IS Usually Served a Bean Stew, As Well as a Truly National Dish is a Turator Soul. Ingredients Such As Poultry Meat and Meat Ocupy a Special Place in Bulgaria. Typically, Meat Is Prepareed Over Hot Coals on a Lattice Or A Spit, and the Meat Iso Preferred to Extinguish.

For Dessert, Bulgarians Prefer Oriental Sweets, Fruits, Cakes and Viennese Cakes.

Climate of Bulgaria

Bulgaria Has a Very Favorable Climate and Has 3 Climatic Zones. In the North of Bulgaria Moderatly – Continental Climate. Bulgaria is characterized by color Winter and Hot Summer. In January, The Average Temperature is -3 Degrees; In February 0 Degrees; in march +5; in april +10; in May +15; in june +17; in joly +23; in august +20; in september +17; in october +12; In Novmber +5 and In December 0 Degrees.