The Country of Gayan

The state of gayan is located in south america, in the northeast of the mainland. It ised by the Atlantic Ocean. Gayana is the only English -Speaking Country On the Continent.

The Nature of Gayan Is Fascinating. Entertained Selva, A Large Number of Reservoirs with Cascading Waterfalls Will Appear Here. The Most Famous of them Are Kayyetur, Which is More than Niagarsky 5 Times, and Victoria Waterfall. Around Its a PictureSque Park with The Same Name – Victoria. He is in the heart of the tropics, Because of this he is rarely visited. Nature in the Park Has Retained Its Primordiality and, In Order to Get to the Waterfall, You Need to Spend ABOUT 2 Days on FOOT.

In the Forests of Gayan You Will See Representates of the Local Fauna, These ARA Hummingbirs and Tukans, Sloths and Pheasants, Crocodiles And Giant Beetles, Armadillos And Monkey S.

Gayan is Washed by the Waters of the Atlantic Ocean, But the Beach Vacation is not Developed Here, T.  To. Almost The Entire Coast of the Country Is Covered with A Layer of Silt. Gayana is A Poor Country, SO Its Nature Is the Main Attraction for Which Tourists Are Going Here.

National Cuisine

Gaiana Cuisine is the Mixing of National Kitchens of the Peoples Setting this Country. A laarge number of ponds also influence the National Cuisine – Seafood and Fish Prevail Geere. ALSO On the Table You will Always See Rice, Fruits and Vegetables. The National Highlight in the Preparation of Gayana Dishes Consedered to Be Different Types of Curry. Mostly Echoes of Chinese, African and Indian Kitchens Are Felt in Dishes.

IF You Want to Drink, The First of All You Will Be Offered Fruit Juice or Mate Tea. From Alcoholic Beeges, Beer and Rum Are Most Popular Here.


The Weather in Gayan Is Wet and Hot, The Climate Subequatorial. The Average Monthly Temperature Here Basicalls Not drops +27 C and rarely rice ABOVE +32 C Yearo Round. True, in some areas of the conside, The Night Temperature Can Be Set at +6 S Mark, and Reach +40 from During the Day.

The Amount of Precipation Per year Is on Average ABOUT 3000-4000 MM., On the Coast of the Country – ABOUT 2300 MM., In the South of the Country – ABOUT 1600 MM. Precipitation. Rains Mainly Go in Summer and Winter. In the Summer, Precipitation Falls from May to august, in Winter – from novamber to Januury. Air Humidity is High, On Average 80%, in the Forests of the Country it Reaches 100%.

For Tourists, Its Best To Visit Gayan in a Period When Its Rare to Rain. This is either the end of august or the end of January of the Month.