Country of Zambia

The Country of Zambia Has No Access to the Sea and IS Located in the Eastern Part of the African Continent. The Capital of the Country Is the City of Lusak.


EVERY YEAR ABOUT FIVE HUNDRED TOUCH TOURISTS from the Whole World Come to Zambia. Luxurious Plant and Animal World, Almost a Successful Climate and A World -famous Waterfall Victoria Attraacts to Zazbia of Tourists.

The Largest on Earth from Waterfalls, Victoria Waterfall, Which is the Main Business Card of the Country. Victoria is located on the border with zimbabwe and on the zambian part of the Waterfall is Less Known for Tourists on the Side of Zimbabwe.

Not far from the Waterfall is a Small Museum and Archaeological Excavations. The Main Value of the Museum is Skeletons. There are A Lot of Parks in Zambia, But Only a Few of them Are Popular. The Best Park in the Country Is the National Park Yu. Luangva, Vegetable Plains are local in it. Many Animals Live Here, Such as Zebras, Giraffes, As Well as Elephants, Leopards and Birds. During the Rain, Which Lasts from December to April, The Park is Closed.

The Capital of Zambia Ussed to Be a Little Unclear Village, But in 1931, The City Became the Capital of Zambia. Lusaka is not rich in attractions, but in the city there a laarge number of galleries. The Market Was Stunned, Iso a Landmark of Zambia for Tourists, it is locATed in the Several Trade Quarters South of the Center.

National Cuisine

Pudding Consisting of Corn Flour Is One of the Main Dishes of the Country’s National Cuisine. Different Sauces from Vegetables and Meat Arewly Served to Him. For Sauces in Zambia, Exotic Products, Such AS Beetle Larvae Can Be Used. In the Villages, this Dish Will Cost ABOUT TWENTY -FIVE centers, in CITIES ABOUT ONE DOLLAR.

Beef and Game Prefer Meat from Meat, in the East of the Country The Use of InSects and Mice Is Common In Writing.

From Alcohol, Tourists Can Try The Moonshine “Chibuka” and “Kashashasa”. In the Villages there ALSO MANY VARITIES of Wines and NASAL. And Also in the Southern Part of the Country You Can Beer from Honey, in the Eastern Part of Tea Leaves. It is undubtedly Worth Trying the Popular Corn Drink of the Maheu.


The Most Pleasant Climate in Zambia is the Period From Mid -April to August Month. At this time, rains do not go, the heat is moderate and the nights are cool and Sunny. There are frosts in the Western Part of Zambia. There are also no rains in september and october, but it is Very Hot. Rains Also Go from Novmber to Mid -April.   Great Humidity Is Present in February. In the south, rains are less comon.