Liberia – Paradise for Risky Travelers

As One of the Oldest Republic of the African Continent, The Country of Liberia Is One Of the Poorest. Its Inhabitants Come to Their Senses after a Long Civil War. In 2006, Ellen Johnson-Setlif Was Elected President, Which Leads to a Slow Restoration of the Country and the Slow Restration of the Tourism Infrastrunture of Liberia.

The Sights of Liberia

The Main City of Liberia, Without a Doubt, IS Its Capital, Monrovy, Comfortably Attached BetWeen Coastal Bays, Lagons and Rocks. The City Is Known for Its Inkendiari Nightclubs, Restaurants and Bars Gerly Street. Near The Capital You Can Find Several Picturesque Beaches. The Main Cultural Attraction Is the Kandeja National Center, Founded in 1864 On the Shore of the Angelic Ocean, On Montserrado Earth (MontSerrado). He offers a Fascinating OverView of the Customs and Traditions of Such a Multinational Territory As the Country of Liberia.

30 Kilometers from Monrovia is lake piso, What you can go fishing, and in 50 kilometers you can explore the uniquer Plantation of FIRSTONE, One LARGEST in the World. If we talk ABOUT THE NATURAL ATTRACTIONS OF LIBERIA, FIRST of All, IS NECESSYY to MENTION THE KPA-TAW WATERFALLS and The National PAK OF THE SPO, Offering Delightful EXITIC LANE Dscapes.

National Cuisine of Liberia

Strange, But the Country of Liberia Doges Not Have Unified Habits in Food. Restaurants of Moravia Offer a Variety of Mediterranean, Italian, French and American Dishes. As in Other African Countries, Liberia Consumes a Large Number of Fruits, and Here Are Also Loved Dishes From Marine Animals that Arved with Rice Rice Rice. In Addition, Local Cuisine Uses Ingredients Such As Chicken Meat, Onions and Tomato Paste, Vegetable Oils and Eggplants, Tomatoes and Green Pepper, Thymeyan. In Rural Areas, Plant Roots, Rice and Fruits Prevail. A special delicacy is Baboon Worms – Babuin Worms or Babuin Worms.

The Weather of Liberia

Throughhout the year, The Country of Liberia Cannot Boast of Comfortable Weather, Going from Novmber to April, You Can Find Glimpsses of Favorable Weather Conditis. High Humidity and Heat Dominate Its Entire Territory, But More Comfortable On the Coast, Sincy the Dry Wind From The Sahara Helps More Easily To Endure the Heat.