Country Russia

Russian Federal. Takes Ninth Place in Terms of Population (143,000,000. Human). Located in North Asia and Eastern Europe. The Capital Is the City of Moscow.

The Sights of Russia

Russia Has a Rich, Cultural History, Which Makes Its OF THE MOST ATTRACTIVE COUNTRIES in the World. Many Foreign Tourists Believed that Russia is only Winter, Bears, Vodka, Boots and Nesting Dolls. BUT THOSE TOOSE TOURISTS who has nure been in Russia think so. UNESCO Includes A Large Number of Historical, Cultural and Architectural Buildings and Monments. Probably all the Attractions of this Big Country Is Listed and it is not possible. SO, For Example, Inly One Capital of the State – Moscow, Such Cultural Heritage Are Located: Red Square, Moscow Kremlin, Novodevichy Monastery, Tretyakov Gallery, Cathedral O Cathedral O Cathedral O F The Kazan Icon of the Mother of God, Pokrovsky Cathedral, Minin and Pozharsky , Lenin Mausoleum, Kolomenskoe Manor, Museum Visual Arts of Named after.  With.  Pushkin, The Bolshoi Theater, As Well as the Moscow Metro, Which is Known Throughhhout the World of the Rich in the Finish of Stations with Art of the Era of Socialist Realism.

IS ALSO WORTH MENTIONING THE HISTORILE AND CULTURAL VALUE OF THE “NORTHERN CAPATAL” of the Russian Federal – The City of. Petersburg. The City Was Founded by Petrov The Great in 1703 and AT 1712-1918 – WAS The Capital of the Russian Empire. The City Is One of the Most Important Tourism Centers in Russia. Under the Protection of the Russian Federal and Suburbs of the City Are Eight Thousand Architectural Monments, Hermitage, Forters of Kronstadt, Kunstkamer A, Mariinsky Theater, Oreeshka Fortress, Russian National Library, Shuvalovsky Park, Russian Museum, House Museum And. Repin “Penates”, Peter and Paul Fortress, Isaac’s Cathedral, The Estate of the Theologian, etc. D.   Speaking About the Sights of this Vast Great Country As Russia, it is Worth Mental University Places. For Example, Such AS Mount Elbrus, Which is the Highest Mountain in Russia. ABOUT A Thusand Tourists – Climbs Conquer Elbrus Annaully. An Equally Amazing and Attractive Place is the Russian Far East Here is the Second Largest Geyser Field in the World – The Geyser Valley To Which Many Tourists and Scientists Come From und.   All the Attractions of this Large Immense Country Listed ABOVE AREALY A Small Part, Russia is a Great Counth Rich Culture and Centuries -old History.

National Cuisine of Russia

Dishes Change Depending on the Geographical Location of Peoples in the Russian Federal. She Included the Foundations of the Kitchens of All the Inhabiting Peoples of Russia, as well as Publics and French Cuisine.   A DistINuctive Feature of Russian Cuisine, Is a Trick of Frying, it is almost that does not occur in the world. They Also Use Popular Cooking, Extinguishing and Languishing. A NON -Romovable Feature for this Kitchen is the Harvesting of Fruits and Vegetables for Urination, Salting, AS Well as Quarrels.   Among The First Dishes are Popular: Borscht, Pickle, Ear, Cabbage Soup, Various Soulps, Okroshka and Hodgepodge.     Porridge is considered a traditional second Hot Dish in Russia: Buckwheat, Oatmeal, Millet, Pearl Barley, Semolina.   The Most Popular Meat Dishes Are: Cutlets, Meat Rolls, Sausage, Jelly, Paste, etc. Different Types of Meat Arend to Cook Meat Dishes, Such as Game, Poultry, Pork, Beef.   From Flour Products Prefer Bread as One of the Most Popular Flour Products. It is used Separatly and in Combination with Other Dishes.   National Desserts Are: Gingerbread Cookies, Baked Apples, Kalachi, Bakery Berries and Fruits, As Well as Pancakes, Jars of Cherries, Apricot, Raspberries, ETC. D., As Well as Gingerbread and Honey.   Traditional National Soft Drinks Are Called Kvass, Fruit Drins, and Tea and Coffee Are Borrowed from Other Countries. From Alcoholic Beeges: Vodka, Beer, Mead, Wine and Cognac.