Citroen Tubik – The Concept of the Minivan of the Future Sep 3, 2016

In the Postwar Years, European Roads Were Filled with Type-H Front-Wheel Buses with A Flat Floor (Half a Million Units in 34 Years on the Market). The Concept of this UNPRETENTIUS Minibus Was Ideal for Those Who Wanted to Travel More. AFTER HALF A CENTURY, WITHIN THE FRAMEWORK of the Multicity Internet Portal, Citroën Will Pressent a New Tubik-The Concept Car, Which is the Same, All the Same Solutions THEA PROVIDE Aximum Mobility and Comfort in the New Time.

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The Internet Portal “Citroën Multicity” Allows Those Whant to Optimally Organize Their Trips and Travels Using Varius Modes OFERSPORT-CAR, TRANE OR PLANE. Today it is Important to Become a Travel Time, and Not the Distance that Used to Have Some Kind of Meaning. In the modern world, information is transmitted faster than people could imagine half a century ago, and people are primarily looking for an easy, quick and comfortable way to get to the destination. Tubik-Concept Car That Resolves the Issue of Mobility of the Future and Can Rightfully Be Called a Car of the Year

The Television Score Will Be Presented On the Frankfurt Show, By the Way, The World Auto-Exhibition Coincides with the Moscow Car Dealership, Both Will Begin on September 13, 2016. Literally the Day Before Yesterday, Citroen Pressented a Video Type in the “Pimps” of Renault Frendzy and the Driver’s “Cyclotron” Appear a Little Lower. There is Reason to Assum that is is the same Concept, Although The Video Is Too Dark Compared to the Gray Tube.

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As You Can Understand from a set of images and 3D visualizations that bizarre tubik is going to stand on a par with future minivans (MPV). Outwardly Reminiscent of An Asian Pig, Which on a “Smilling Heel” (Radiator Grille) is Largely Illuminated by the Citroen Logo.

Asymmetric Inputs Are notceably Striking: The “Portal” for Passengers Over the Entire Length of the Minibus. And it’s hard to sell to happen with a driver’s Place, it’s like a variety of car gadgets.

Citroen Designers Called this “Cyclotron” Module-on Ring Line-A Seat, Pedals, The Steering Wheel of a Car and HEAD-UP Display of A Circular Review. Details Made of Gray Aluminum Used in Body Decoats are Also Present At the Cyclotron to Emphasize ITS Independence and Reliable Aditional Protection. The Car Can Only Be Made after the Driver of the Car Is Identified by the FingerPrint Recognition System!

The Interior of the 9-Eater Concept-Kara “Purple is Prestigious”, and the Absence of Windows Suggests that Traveleers Admire the World Around Him, In the Hinder :), Throuch Camerasis and lcd screens. Modular Seats are Transformed in Different Ways: Half-Deed, Face To Face and Differently. The Middle Series of Seats Accommodates Up To Three People and It CanSFORMED Into A Small Table, Or BE COMPLICATED to Free The Area, Almost 2 M², Or it can be folded in this state of Semi-laxation Seats From Which it is So Convenent to look At a Large Multimedia Screen.

Citroen Tubik is not online an exclusvelly spacious car, it is a “Green Hybrid”. HYBRID4 HYBRID DIESEL TRANSMISSION with A Four -Wheel Drive. The Front Wheels From The Internal Combation Engine, and the Rear from the Electric Motor. 22-Inch Wheels with Narrow Tires, With Low Rolling Resistance, Are Installed to Optimize Fuel Consumption.

To find a comromise Between Comfort and Stability on the Road, Tubik Is Equipped with A Hydractive Suspension, Exclusive Technology of Citroen Car. The Height of the Car Is Controlled In Real Time and Thus Remains Unchand, Regardless of the Load. At High Speeds, The Machine Automatically Lowers to Improve Aerodynamic Indicators and Reduce Fuel Consumption.

The Citroen Design Team Awarded Tubik with A Special, Unusual Design, With Colors and Materials that Aimed At Satiffying the Highest Standards.