Rome is the Capital of Italy

Rome is the Capital of Italy and Beautiful City Located ON SEVEN HILLS and All the Roads are to it. Arriving in Rome, You Feel The Spirit of the Roman Ancient Civilization. There are Many Monments of History and Culture of the Country. Thousands of Tourists Come to Rome Annoally. Tourism in rome “Feed” it, that is, the main element of the conside is income is tourism.   Rome is One Solid, A Landmark Collected in One Place. Walking Along the Streets of this Wonderful City, You Will Definite Many Restaurants, Cafes, Pizzerias. Stop in Rome, Too, Will Not Be Difficult for You. A laarge Number of Hotels and Hotels of Various Classes Will Always Meet You GOOD -NATUREDLY.

Many of the Arrival Guests of the Capital Have Been Here More That Once. Arriving for the First Time in Rome, You Will Be Surprised At The Grandeur and Wealth of Local Attractions. There are A Lot of Places Were You Definitely Like It and Want to Come Here More than Once. At AT ANY Time of the Year, Rome Pleases Us with Its Warmth and Hospitality. Rome – The Tyrrh Sea in the Summer Rome Gives Us Romance and Fun with A Delicious Local Pizza and Beautiful Cocktails. There are ALSO Resort CITIES NOT FAR FROM ROME, WHERE YOU CAN ENJOY THE WARM Sea and Gold Sand on the Shores of the Trrrh Sea.   In General, It Caneted that Rest in Rome Is An Unfortorgettable Fairy Tale. You can come hero. The Flight from Moscow Will Take You About Four Hours. It is better to go trin from the airport, as -such a trip Will Introduce You to Local Beauties.