Country Uruiguay Uruguay – Complete Countries on the South American Atlantic Coast

The Country of Uruguay Is a Relaxing and Friendly Destination, Which Offers the Opportunity to Observy Various Local Cultures, Tast the Mate on a 15-Kilometer Beach of Mont, T Ravel to a deserted Region of the Country. Having Defended Its Independence, The Country of Uruguay Is Perhaps The Most Europeanized Country in South america.

The Attractions of Uruiguay

Montevideo is characterized by an eClectic mixture of colonial and moodern influences. Arriving Here, Tourists have no right to skip: The Historical Center of Syudad Vieja, The Karnwal Museum, The Gauchao Museum, As Well as Beaches At the Eastern Tip OF y. Near the Capital Is the City of Salto, Famous for the Hot Springs of Termas de Arapey, Termas de Dayman, Termas de San Nicanor Termas de San). The City of Sacramento is Consedered the Most Ancient in Uruguay, and Its Restaurants and Cafes, The Most Exquisite in the Country.

A LOT of Visitors are Accepted by the Artist Carlos Vilaaro Studio, Located on the Rocks of Punta Ballena, At Punta Del Este AT Punta Del Este. Charming Country of Uruiguay Off the Coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Her Resorts of Punta Del Diablo, La Paloma (La Pedrera) Are Well Organized and Comfortable. Fans of Delicacies and Dairy Products Should Visit the Village of Kolonia Suiza, Founded in the 17th Century, and Located West of Montevideo.  

National Cuisine of Uruguay

Growing Cattle Plays The Most Important Role in the Well -being of the Country, from Which itth is an important in local Cuisine. But not uruuguayan cooking uses beef. Among Uruguay’s Favorite Dishes Are: Chorrizo – Fried Korean, Churrasco – Grill Beef, Chivitos – Sandwiches with Beef, Bacon, Egg, Tomato, Cheese, Salad. Another Country of Uruiguay canist of its Wines, and the Most Popular is Medio-Medio-Mixed From Dry Wine and Champagne, Cocktail.

Weather in Uruiguay

The Temperate Climate that is characterized by the country of uruuguay Will Delight Tourists White Their AppointMent. Here, The Coldest in June, When Thermeters Show Up To 10 Degrees of Heat, and the Warmer in January, When The Temperateure Rates to 35 Degrees. Fortunatly, this heat is Easy to Transfer, thanks to the Atlantic Breeze Piercing the Country.