Hyundai Vs Ford

It seems that by world leaders of the auto industry are also competing for the right to be Partners of Football Organizations. Someting Recently I have a Lot of Posts at the Junction of Football and Car. SO Dictates Life, The Football Audience Is Huge and the Influence On IS Expensive. This Time We Will Talk ABOUT Korean Hyundai.

The fact is that korean giant from the auto Industry, Today the World Leader in Car Sales, is an office pastner of the 2010 World Cup, Which Will Be Held in the Souls Lic. And these are Almost Half -planes of Spectators Who are Free and Who is not Very, But They Will See Logo When Broadcasts, Advertising, On Booklets and Other. TheFore, The Course of the Korean Leader of the Automotive Industry Looks Just Wonderful

Interstingly, The Sponsor of the European Champions League Is Ford. It Turns out that American Monster Failed to Become A Sponsoor of the World Cup. I Wonder Whoy?

In the Global World, All the Things Related to the Car Are Tied to it. Transport Monitoring Systems – Vivid Confirmation of this. Convenence, Reaction Speed, Huge Database. All this Sharply Optimizes The Work of Transport and Brings Profit.

I am Sure That the Competition of the World Leaders of the Auto Industry Even More Infuriates The Price for Participation as a Sponsor. If there was no people, obvious the prices woold be much Lower. It Turns Out, Despite the Crisis of Auto Giants Have Spare Spots, But Not Small, Judging by Competition of Advertising and Marketing. But Just Losses as the Collected SO? Dark, Oh Darker in the Matter of Profit and Losses.