What is Interesting for the Country of Botswana for Tourists?

Botswana is not a Very Ordinary Country. She Amazes Her Tourists with A Wonderful Nature, Which Remained Still the Way the Europeans Arrive in Africa. This is a coupes Makes HIS Films ABOUT Nature., WHERE ELSE LIVE ETHNIC Tribes with Their History and with Their Traditions. SINCE The Density of the Population Here Is the Smallest in the Whole World, Animals Gere Are Masters. Here The Okavanga River Flows, Which Encircles Botswana with Numerous Ducts and Goes Into the Sands. It is Also Called the River, “Which Never Finds The Sea”. From July to September, IT Rains Here and Fill the Local Rivers and Lakes with Water. Acacia and Baobabs Grow. Here you can see an Unusual Tree Called a Measure. IT Beears Fruit Evry Three to Four Years, When The Summer Is Very Hot. The Juice of Its Riped Fruits Wanders, It Turns Out Like A Vessel of Wine. They Are Loved by Elephants, They Arrange a whole Feast Near Threes. Elephants are the Main Attraction of the Country. There are ABOUT 73 Thousand of them Geere. They Gather in Herds ABOUT 500 Individuals Along Rivers, Wherehe Can Most Offen See Them Tourists. In National Park, Botswans Get Diamonds.

National Cuisine is Bottleneck

The kitchen is mixed. IT Contains Echoes of Indian, Malaysian, African and Old Bossi Cuisine. Botswana is not a Big Country and It Has a Lot of Neighboring Countries. Because of this, a mixture of the national kitchens is going on. Here you will be offered to try home sausages and kebab, binuani (Pickled Chicken in a Pot) and Dads (Thick Porridge Made of Corn Flour), Barbecue and Jerky Meeat. Caterpillars Are Consedered a Delicacy, Which Arepared with Red Pepper and Peanuts – Such Peculiar Crispy Sticks. Typically, Tourists Refuse to Try Them.

The Climate of the Country is Botswagn

In the North of the Country, The Climate of Tropical. Here in January, The Temperature Reaches +25 S, In July it is +16 from. In the South of the Country, Climate Subtropical. In June-July, there Large Temperature Changes: from +27 from Day to 0 with Night. There Are Offten Frosts and Light Snow is Possible. In December-January from +46 S TO +35 S, Respectively. The Rain Season in Botswan Lasts from September To April. At the end of april, Dry and Cool Time Begins – Winter. Sand Storms Can OCCUR FROM AUGUST To September. Greens Appear in Novmber.

The Best Time for Visiting by Tourists Botswans is the Local Winter, Which Lasts from May to august.