EVERYONE WANTS to Go to the Country of Turkey

With a firedly people, The Country Turkey Offers All Modern amenites, Being, At the Same Time, Traditional Enühh to Be Fascinating. Her Story Began 25,000 Years AGO, During Which The Hittites, Phrygians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Crusaders, Mongols, Turks Left Their Unique Mark. The Country Turkey Is Includ in the Top 10 Tourist Destination in the World and Accepts More Visitors Annually.

The Attractions of Turkey

Very Popular in the World, The Country Turkey Is Fantastical Rich in Sights and Offers An Incredibly Large of OpportInites for Those Whos Prefer it, Tourists. Referring to these Preferences, Guests of Turkey Can:

To discover Istanbul, The Capital of the Christian byzantium and the Muslim Ottoman Empire, and Its Attractions: The Topkapi Palace (Topkapi) and the Cathedral of ST. Sophia, The Museum of Archeology and the Blue Mosque, The Islamic Art Museum and Bosphorus, The Ski Resorts of the Uludag Mountain (Uludag) and the Green Mosque;

to visit the ruins of the Hilt, Which Was Founded in the 13th Century BC;

To get acquainted with the city of bodrum, in white the mausoleum Mayisol, The Castle of. John and the Magnificent Resorts on the Coast of the Aegean Sea Will Attract Atting;

To experience the charm of Antalya, which, in addition to excellent coastal resorts, will please the exciting historical center and many historical monuments scattered throughout the city;

To see the Mysterious Lycian Tombs that area located arunds of the resorts of the kas and the kalkan;

to Jump into the Capital of Ankara to Visit the Ethnographic Museum and the Anatolian Civilization Museum;

To relix in the Famous Turkish Baths of Istanbul: Galatasarai Hammam and Kagalogla Hammamam.

The National Cuisine of Turkey

The Specifics of Turkish Cuisine Are Stuffed Dishes. Vegetables, Such AS: Pepper, Tomatoes, Eggplant, AS Well as Vine, Refosed with Rice and Spitses and Armed by Cold. Green Beans, Onions and Artichokes Fried in Olive Oil Can Serve AS A Side Dish. Incredibly Popular in Turkey Brynza, Which Is Served with Warm Bread, Butter, Honey, Fresh Olives, Tomatoes Or Boilend Eggs. The Country IS Unthinkable of Türkiye Without Coffee, Which is Drunk Constantly and EVERYWHERE.

Climate in Turkey

The Subtropical Climate of Turkey Is Characterized by Hot Summer and Warm Winter. The Coldest in January and February (Plus 6-16 Degrees), and the Hottest in Joly and August (30-35 Degrees). The Temperature of the Water Drop Below 17 Degrees, Even in Winter, and in the Summer It Warms up to 24-26 Degrees. On the Black Sea Coast, 5 Degrees are cooler, but in the Summer to Rest Here Iso Very Comfortable.