Statistics of an Accident in Udmurtia Over The Past Day

The Result of the Past Days in Udmurtia Was 120 Traffic Accidents Without Deaths and Injuries and ABOUT 10 Accidents with VITH VICTIMS OF. Accident. The Lesson of the UDMURTIA Reports that hasy at ABOUT 06:30 in the CELTINSKY DISTRICT, A FATAL AcCIDENT ONE SELT-GID. According to Preliminary Data, The Car Owner of the VAZ-11183 FLEW OF THE ROAD, HAVING LOST THE CONTROL OF THE CAR. The Car Turned Over During the Accident, While the Passenger of the Car, The Guy 25 Years Old, Died. The Second Passenger, Born in 1986, Was Taken to a Medical Instition with Various Injuries. The Same Day, But Already in the Zavyalovsky District, On the 10 Kilometer of the Vsyalovo-Gylyana Highway There’s a Collision of Two Cars. At ABOUT 17:00, The VAZ-21103 Car CraSheded The WG-200 Motor. The Result of the Accident Was the Hospitalization of the Driver of the Walk -behind Traactor to the Nerest Hospital. Almost at the Same Time, in the City of Sarapul, At the Intervance of the Streets. Gogol and Pugachev a Cyclist Hit. The Car Owner of the Chevrolet Cobalt Shot Down a Man Whas Moving on a Bicycle Along the Main Road. The Man Refused Hospitalization and Was Released From The Scene. ALSO in the AFTERNOON, in the GRAKHOV DISTRICT, A Man Born in 1973, Wholed the Izh-Planeta Motorcycle Withouts to Drive this, Without License Plates and CYCLE, COULD Not Hold the Motorcycle On the Road and Turned Over. The Driver Himself Escaped with Injuries, But His Passenger, A Guy 24 Years Old, Died. According to the Statistics of the Traffic Police of Udmurtia, On August 29, More than 1.100 Offenses Were Recorded, 674 – In the City of izhevsk.