Holden Restored the Hurricane Car

AFTER A Thorough Restoration, Which took a Total of Five Years, Holden Was Pressented to the Public Hurricane. HIS PRESTION FIRST took PLACE in 1969.

Hurricane is an Average Engine Compartment with Rear-Wheel Drive and 8-Cylinder 4.2-Liter Unit, The Power of Which Reaches 262 Units. The Current 8-Cylinder Engine, Which Appeared after 1969 in Holden Cars, Was Developed On the Basis of Four Carburetors, Which this Model Was Previusly Equippeed. 5.5 Seconds Were Enouch to Accleerate The Car From 0 To 100 KM/H. However, We Do Not Know ABOUT Its Maximum Speed.

In Addition to the Engine, Which at that time had an expermental status, Hurricane Was Equipped with A Kind of “Navigation” System. The Basis Were Magnets that Were Mounted in the Road Surface in Places of Intersections. A rear View Camera Was Installed on the Rear Bumper of the Car, The Signal with Which Wasualized in Black and White on the Screen in the Cabin.

As for the Entrance to the Car, She Had No Doors. Their Function Was Performed by the Front Cap, Represented by the Frontal and Side Glasses, The Font Desks of the Body and Part of the Roof, Which Simply Rose and Was Allotteded Ward. At the Same Time, Electronics in the Car Were Responsight for The Rudder Forward, and Chairs Back. This Made It Possible to Frely Sit Down and Get Out of the Car.

On the Melbourne Show, Which Will Be Held at the End of October, Along with Other Classic Cars for the Second Time, It Will See The Light and Restored Hurricane.