The state of brunei

The state of Brunei is located in the Southeastern Part of the Asian Light and, Therefore, is an islamic country. The Capital of the State of the Bandar-Seri-Bang. The Population of ABOUT FOUR HUNDRED Thousand PEOPLE.

The Sights of the State Brunei

The state of Brunei is an islamic coutry, a Quiet, Practically Not Living in a Night Life, So Traveleers Come to this to Admire the History of the Eastern Unorn World. Bandar-Seri-Run Is the Largest City in the State. The City Has a Large Number of Mosques and Asian Palacces. The Mosque Omar Ali Saifudin Amazes and Delights with Its Beauty, This Mosque IS RightFully ConsedereD the Most Important AtttRaction, IT Inherited Its Name Nam M the Current Sultan. The Mosque Was Erected in 1958.

The Imagination IS Amazing with Its Extraordinary Architectural Forms The Palace, Which Is Listed in the Guinness Book of Records, As the Largest of the Residential Palacs in The World IS The Palace of Istana Nurul Iman. In the Palace 1778 Rooms. There is Also a Helicopter Platform on the Large Territory of the Palace, Aircraft for Planes, A Stable and Garage, Which is the Largest in the World and In Whic Xpensive Cars is Stored.

The Brunesky Museum Is Famous for Its Large Art Gallery, IT ALSO Represents AnMazing Collection of Weapons. Not far from the museum is the mausoleum of the Sultan Bolkia, it was than this Sultan Brunei Reted the Largest Hey.

National Cuisine (Dishes) Brunei

Rice is the Basis of Almost All Brunei Dishes. Lapsha, Chips, Puddings are Prepared from it, it is Stewed with Coconut Milk, Boiled in Broth, ETC. D. Large Animals are Rarely Eaten, Usually Poultry is Consumed. Sea Products Occupy An Honorable Place in Brunei National Cuisine. Such Dishes as: Hot Shrimp, Rice with Egg and Salty Fish and Other Dishes are popular. PineApples and Papaya Are Common from From Fruits in the state. The Use of Alcoholic Beeges in the Country Is Prohibited by Law. Among non -alcoholic Drinks, Coconut Milk, Coffee, Tea and Various Fruit Juits Are Popular. Brunei’s National Desserts Are Consedered: Starchy Ball in Sweet Fruit Sauce and Outpatient.

Climate in Brunei

In Brunei, The Sea Equatorial Climate Prevails. The Most Rainy in the Year is the Months: September, October, November, December and January. Due to the Strong Influence of Monsoon, The Temperature Changes Little During the Year and is on Average Plus Twenty -four -plus Thirte Degrees Celsiusus.