The state of Bahrain

The Kingdom of Bahrain is the Smallest State Among All Arab Countries. BUT THIS DOES not Interfere with Being Quite Saturated in Cultural Terms.

The Attractions of Bahrain

Among the Main Attractions are the House of the Koran, The Bridge of King Fahda, The Al-Fatikha Mosque and Kalat Al-Bahrain.

The House of the Koran Was Built in 1990. It was Built on the Money of Local Residents. The Main Exhibits Are Rare Manuscripts of the Qur’an of Various Times. In the two -story Building of the Museum there ARA 10 Halls, In Which Manuscripts from Baghdad and Damascus Are Storeded. The House of the Koraan is the only museum dedicated to This Sacred Book.

Another Attraction of the Country Is the Bridge of King Fahda, The Length of Which Is 25 Km. The Bridge Was Built Back in 1986 and Connects Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. It is the Longest of All Bridges in Arab Countries.

In Addition to the Fact That The Al-Fatikha Mosque IS Rightfully Consedered the Main Mosque in the Country, it is also of the lagest mosquques. It is located in the Capital of the Country – Maname. At the Same Time, ABOUT 7 Thousand Canqu. Human.   The Dome of the Mosque IS Made of Fiberglass. ITS Weight is ABOUT 60 Tons and It RightFully Takes The First Place Among All Fiberglass Domes of the World.

Kalat Al-Bahrain or AS ALSO CALLED FORT BAHRAIN-ThIS A LARGE HILL THAT WAS BUILT BY LOCAL Resident. They Began to Build It Back in 2300 BC. E. And Gradully the Era Beyond the Era, It Increased EVERYTHING.   The First Fortification AppEared On the Hill Only in the 14th Century. E. At the Very Top of Kalat Al-Bahrain Is the Portuguese Fort Kalat Al-Bourstug.

Bahrain Kitchen

Bahrain Kitchen is Slichtly Different from the Rest of the Arab Countries.   The Meat (Chicken and Lamb) and Fish Prevails Here. But Vegetables Go as ADDition to Various Dishes. It is noting that as in All Other Arab Countries, In Bahrain Taboo On Pork. The Main Local Dishes Are Mahbus (Meat Or Fish with Rice) and Dajaj (Stewed Chicken in Tomato Sauce).

Climate Bahrain

The Climate of Bahrain is Sea, Tropical and Goes Into Subtropical. In Winter, from December to February, Rains Are Most Likely.   The Average Air Temperature During this Period Is 17 – 20 Degrees of Heat. However, At Night it is Quite Cool – Up To +14. Precipating is in Other Months – In Novmber, March, April. But Their Probability Is Noticeably Reduced.   In these Months, Air Warms up to +30 During the Day. From May to October, The Real Summer Reigns in Bahrain – The Day Thermeter Can Rise to +45 in the afternoon.