Infineon Offers to Drive a Car with A Joystick

In the German Power of the German Enterprise Infineon Technologies, The Headquarters of Which Isent in the Town of Neubieberg (Southeast. Suburb of munich), Air Engineers Weigh The Idea of ​​Forming An Electronic Mind of Kara, Which Was Not Prohibited From Ruleing with The Help of a Joystick. “ToDay you refuel with Iron Using Auto Mechanics. We wish that in the future you manage to exercise this with the help of a Joystick, “Said Jochen HaneBeck, The Most Painful 2nd by Date in European Councils nfineon, The Production of Chips for Auto, Said in An Interview.. The Concept of the Power of the Infineon Enterprise About the Management of a Concept Frame USING IS STILL PRESSENT in A Descendant. Chips of the Enterprise’s Power Armed Most of the Van – from Windbrees to Kitchen Tiles. Infineon Mechanisms do not leave a different output to auto manuapacturers, in Addition How to Replace Parts with Interactive Ingredients.

Today, The Industry Has Uninterrupted Violence Associated with Expediency to Compress Costs. Today, Infineon Works with Almost All Cars, Starting with Audi and Completing the Chinese Manaufacturer of Cherry, Which Intend to Find Harmless Replaceement for Presious ingredientientics.. It is ASSUMED that Bazaar of the Auto Chips in 2014 Will Increase to 26, Three Billion Bucks. In the Life of the Year He Was Consedered 15, One Billion Bucks. In Accordance with the Scientific Research of Isuppli, The Average Annual Pulse of An Increase Exseed 12 %. Infineon Waits for the Price of Chips in Any Supercar Will Increase From 251 Bucks in 2008 to 333 Bucks in 2016. AFTER Intel, The Infineon Department for the Production of Wireless Decisions, The Implementation of the Auto Chips, Added 38 % of the Annual Implementations of Implements ULT of September Twenty, 2010). Sales Increased BY 51 % to One, Thirty -two Billion Bucks. The Holistic Chief Infineon Ponter Bauer Predicts that Departure of the Department Will Increase by 10 % in the Relationship with 2011 The Creation IS Started. Infineon Shares of the German Company this year increed by 88 %.

In the Relationship with The World Financial Drawback for Those Who Passed Themselves, The Company’s Shares Fell On 46 Dividends. “Infineon’s cash Growth is Associated with High ReliaBility and Power of the Power of the Chips, Even There, Which Will Supervise ReliaBility, Lamb Amplidins, Pressure Control Control Control Control Control Control Control Control Control Control Control Control Controll I N Tires, Gasoline Motor and Box. Auto Electronics Can Still Change Spare Devices, Which Do Not Allow The Concept To Roll Back, As Soon As Hes Forced to Pour in a Traffic Light on the Hill, “Said the Cartridge Hane Bek. In 2009, Infineon Had Nine % of the Global Bazaar of Semiconductors for Punishment, and the Company Wawld Be the First, If Not for the Nec and RENESS ELEALISTRONS COOLIALITIONAL OSE of Which is 14, Three Dividends. “This is an extremely Bright Partner on a dispute Between Microcontrollers, and Not So as to Take The Sleep Registry,“ Said Johen Hanebek. Auto Detachment of the Company Manoufactures 900 Goods, Which Aresented a Hundred Thousand Earnings of Earnings Year -Rounced, And this Thant Twusand Consumers. Hanebek Said About this in June. “Infineon is able to effectively Apply its Comprehence and Skill in the AREA of the AUTOMOTIVE Industry,“ SAID GUNTHER HOLLLFELDER, Annalist of the Englishi Company Unicreditit. Infineon Chips Are Ussed by Mud in Wind Turbines, TheFore, As Leaders, Thus, The Company Is Eager to Extract From Anvironement of View of Idle Sources of Energy. Infineon Microcontrolors are Also Operated in Electrical Cycels.

In 2009, More than 25 000000 Electric Bikes Were Saved in the Middle Kingdom. The Chinese Are Reveled. The Largest Nationality in the Number of Lovers to Ride a Bicycle, and the Third Part of these Vehives is etippe with infineon chips. In the Celestial Semiconductors, The Power of the Enterprise is Used in Drawings, Desktop Boars for Cooking and Pots, Which Fleeting and Usian Hands with Rumor in Assian Restaurant S, Were Visitors are Allown to Make Their Personal Dishes Honestly in the Middle of the Table. “The Most PowerFul Growth of the Enterprise Ismed Due to Its LEADING MISSION in the Introduction of Chips Into Electric and Hybrid Cars,” Hanebek Finds. “We have Alread Lowered 10 000000 Chips for Industrial Extreme, For Example, For Wind and Used Electricity Production Stations. We Started this Tour 10 Years Ago and BecAuse We are Obliged to Become Favorites on the Dispute. We Just Need to Bring Some Innovates to these Goods in Order to Flatter The Need for Electric Motors, “Vladyka Hanebek Adeded.

The Price of SemiconduCtors in Normal Cars is $ 300, the as the Expected Price of An Electronic Chip or Hybrid Punishment in 2016 Will Increase to $ 700. Corporation Sells Goods for Chinese Cars. (Connecting the Concepts of Cherry and Chongqing Changan Corporations) and For Cars. Hyundai from Warm Korea. Infineon Chips Implementation in the Middle Kingdom Thiser Will Be Transferred Near 2 000000 $ Earnings. The Emergence of the Capital Set of Electronic Cars. The Permissive Scholarship for The 2nd Infineon Branches -less and Multimarket, And Also Create a Chip-Carts, Will Also Mean On Highway. The Industry and Multi -Markete Detachment Can Build A Gas Station Infrastructure., And the Creation of Chip Carts Will Be Able to Abundant the Protection of Annum. “I Hold a Bet, We Are Depriving Rivals to Really Evolutionary Progress and Electrification, Hanebek Said.