The Industry of Motor Oils Prepares a New Standard

Of Course, All Manoufacturers of Motor Oils Direct the Main Force to Increase the Efficiency of Internal Combustion Engines. Things Such As Changes in the Gas Distribution Phase (VTEK), The Direct Inject of Fuel, TurboCharged, Hybrids and Fuel Called ATHANOLD A CAR LANDSCAPE MORE DIVERESE. BUT ONE Major Player Who Is Overloooked for HIS Contribution to Fuel Saving Is Blood for the Life of All Engines – Motor Oil.

A LOT of Work IS Spent on Developing Motor Oil, Which Shoup Directly and Indirectly Help Improve Fuel Economy. Motor Oil Helps to Reduce Mechanical Friction and Helps to Form Around Rings to Improve Compression and Friction Coefficient Between The Piston Rings and the Walls of Civilin Ders.

NeverTheless, The Oil Industry Pays Increased Precisly Indirect Oil Methods in Improving Engine Efficien.

“Lubrication Will Make a Great Contribution to Fuel Saving with the Help of the Best Protective New Technology THEY DO THIS AT PRESENT, REDUCING FRIENT,“ SAYS BOB SUSERLAND The Main Scientist Lubricant of the Engine of the Pennzoil Passenger Car.

Auto -manufacturers demanded to increase the us of various hardware, New Requirements Were Made to the Components of Oils Intended to the Engine Systems From Depos Depos Dapos D Wear. The Increased Needs Caused the Invention of a New Standard for Engine Oils, Known As GF-5, Which Will Inter Into Force on October 1. Currently, The GF-4 Standard Has Been AppLied Since 2004 and Has Been Used to this Day.

The Main Points of the New GF 5 Standard Include The Best Oil ReliaBility with A Reduced Friction CoEfficent in the Piston Cylinder-Piston Group, More String Draainage Liminage Liamits MPROVED Protection for TurboCharges and DecreAsing Systems for the Height of the Exhaust.

Of Course, this woold be a mistake to believe that Achievents in the Field of Motor Oils Will Stop at the GF 5 Standard. “Auto-manuafacturers want a higher fuel savings with Lower Viscosity of the Oil,“ Says Suserland, Who Noted the Growing Demand for Oils with Numbers 0-W-20.

It is Important to Know that not all manuafacturers of Motor Oils Comply with the Norms Established by The Api, Since Participation in this Organization Volution. Oils Approved by the Api Havy a Note of Certificates and a Service Symbol On Their Labels.

Thus, for the Optimal Protection of the Engine of your Car and Better Fuel Saving, it wool be wise suse that oil you is approved by api.