Black Bug Immobilizer.

To Describe Immobilizers, We Chose One of the Most Popular Brands in the Domestic Market – Black Bug. And this is exactly the case how the Popularity and Price is comletly Relevant to the Quality. T. E., In OUR “Application”, The Reliability of this System. Black Bug Immobilizers are Modern Anti -theft Systems Using The Most Innovative Technologies That Include a Wireless Protective Relay (Black Instillation Does Not Repire DDitional Wires to Connect, All Signals Go on Standard Wiring, and Transponder Technology for Remote Identification of Electronic Marks. Thus, The Owner of the Car Dees Not Even have to Remove the Mark from the Pocket. Depending on the Model, Black Bug Canstalled Wireless Relay Wait or Hook-Up, and Their Number Is Unlimited. Thus, The Detection and Disconnection of All Protection Elements in a Short Time Becomes Almost Impossible. When The ISNITION IS TURned ON, Black Bug Automatically Recognizes The Owner and Allow The Engine to Launch. And when Leaving the Machine, IT Automatically Activates Protective Functions. Electronic Hacking Protection is ProvideDed by the Technology of Dynamic Identification Dialogue DID, and the Possibility of Installing An Unlimbed Number of Relim Detection Impossible. Conclusion – Black Bug – this is a modern and veryble anti -theft system working on the Principle of Immobilizer Using Transponder Technology. Cons: Its only A Very Good Immobilizer, Which Provides Active CountRaction to the Hijacking, But Is Not Perform the Functions of Car Signaling.