The Attraction of Kiribati

Located in the Pacific Ocean, 4000 Kilometers from the Hawaiian Islands, The Country of Kiribati, Is Part of Macronia and Consists 33 Miniature Coral Islands. All of them Are Atolls – Coral Islands in the Form of a Ring, With a Lagoon in the Middle, with the Excection of the Lime Island of Banab. Most of the Population is concentrated on the island of Gilbert.

The Attractions of Kiribati

The Island of the Christmas Is Covered with Charming Lakes and Ponds, and Its Main Attraction Is the Largest Colony. The Country of Cyribati Has Cits that Arle Famous Names, For Example, London and Paris. A Great Way to Study the Country is a Tour on an Airplane, Which Includes Flying Around the Islands of Abaanga, Abemama (Abemama), Mayana and Tarava. If Desired, You can visit oslands.

National Cuisine Kiribati

The Country of Kiribati is not Rich in Restaurants and They Are All Located in Cits. IF List Local Delicacies, It is Necessary to Say ABOUT PALU SAMI – Coconut Cream with Pieces of Onions and Chili Powder, Wrapped in Tarot Leaves and Field with Fried Pork ry Cichkene. In Addition, In Many Local Dishes, Seafood Prepared with Coconut Cream or Fruit Pandanus Are Used. Like Many Other Islands of the South of the Pacific, Imported Canned Foods Are Consedered to Be Special Luxury ITEMS.  

Weather in Kiribati

Surrounded by the Waters of the Pacific Ocean, The Country of Kiribati Uses the Benefits of the Equatorial Sea Climate. The Air Temperature on the Islands Never Drops Below 22 Degrees, and Precipitation Falls on Average 1000 – 1200 Millimeters per year. The Climate of Kiribati Is Very Unified – There ARENER SIGNITICANT Differences, Destructive Storms, and Local Rains are Warm, Short. Thus Climatic Conditions, of Course, Contribute to the Tourist Development of this Miniature Country.