Infiniti Promised to Show The Concept of a Crossover

IT HAS ALREADY BECOME KNOWN THAT THE LATEST COMPACT Infiniti Family Will Consist of 2 Models-a Crossover Called “QX30” And Hatch “Q30. What Will Be the Hatch, Japanese Designers have Alread Hinted. The Secret of How the Crossover On the Same Chassis Might Look Like, The Automaker Promized to Open It Soon. It is the Appeairance of the Crossover that Causes a Car Lovers of this Brand a Lot of Questions. The Thing is That Representing The Concept of “Q30”, The Top-Managers “Infiniti” Promised to Reunite in Models the Features of the Hatch, Station Wagon, AS Well as Crossovers. Based on the Words of One of the Top Managers of the Concern E. Palmer, Conceptually Exterior “QX30” by the Automaker Has Alread Been Designed – IT Remains Only to Wait Thearest Auto Show To The Public. It was on this he informed the News Agency “Automotive News”, Without Specifying, At the Same Time, Which Exhive IS Mental. It is not Excluded that Next Compact Concept of the Car Company Will Pressent at the Paris Motor Show, Which Will Be Held in the Fall. In Addition, E. Palmer Said that Car “QX30” Will Become A Global Model and Will BE Sold All Over the Planet, Including China and the USA. Recall that number of a Crossover, Developed on the Front-Wheel Drive Chassis of the Mercedes-Benz Auto Company, IS Planned to the 2nd Half of the NEXT EEXTE.