Zion National Park – US Pearls

Zion National Park IS Spread Out in America – In Utah. This Place is Rightfolly Consedered One of the Most Beautiful on the Planet. The Peculiarity of the Park Is that All Local Attractions Were Nature, Without Human Internation.

Zion Park. The Main Attraction

In the Zayon Reserve, the IS A Canyon of the Same Name that Plays The Role of the Main Attraction of this Place. This Memo of Nature Was Stretched for 24 Kilometers and in Some Places The Canyon Has a Depth of 800 Meters.

For Many Centuries, A Stream of Water Deves Not Know The Stop (Today – Virginia River) Paved His Way in Soft Rocks South. Tectonic Changes Entailed the Raising of the Land, But the Inexorable Water Continued Its Business, and This How Canyon Zayon Was Formed – The Majestic Memo of the Modern World World.

View of Park Zayon First Learned ABOUT THE CANYON in the FAR of 1860. Mormons Who Opened Him Gave Him a Name, Which He Still Wears. Further Studies of the Natural Memo Were Carried Outny After 12 Years.  The Status of the US National Park Receved this Place in 1919 (A Little Less than 400 Square Kilometers).

Flora and Fauna

Large Height Drops Contribute to the Formation of Various Climatic Zones in the Park. In Areas with Slight Humidity, Oaks, Pine and Plants Resistant to Drought, Grow in Deserts (Cacti, Yukki, ETC.). In the Shady Territories, On the Banks of the Rivers, The Flora of a Moderate Climatic Belt Grows (Verba, Maple). In the Spring, the IS a Riot of Color, Manifested in Bright and Diverse Vegetation, in the Fall, The Zayon Park Hidden in Gold, and In Winter Canow See Snow SnowdRifts Ere.

National Park Zayon Fauna of the Terran Is Represented by A Large Number of Birds (More than 280 Different Species). Staying in the Park, At First Glance It Seems Deserted. However, IF You are Patience and not Make Noise, The Zayon Will Show Its Inhabitants and Give Out All the Secrets. Its Rare – California Condor, Entered in the International Red Book, Lives Here.

Zaon. Tourist Journey

To visit the park Open All Year Round. However, There Art Restricts on the Area. In the Warm Season, a Bus Creed for the Convenence of Tourists Runs Around the Territory. Park Employees Were Drawn Up 7 Route Tracks, The Duration of the Passage Along Which Varies from 30 Minutes to 9 Hours. In Addition to the Canyon, The Most Interesting Places Here Around Mountains of the Angel, Chess and Tunnel “Metro”.  There Are Many Tourist Camps in Zayon, BecAuse This is a Favorite Place for Climbers. However, in Order to Get there, You Need to Book Places in them in Advance.