Federal States of Micronzia Micronesia – The Territory of Ecological Tourism

YAP (YAP), Ponpei (Pohnpei), Kosrae (Kosrae) and Chuuk (Chuuk) – island states that federal states of micronzia consisting of 600 Islands and atolls. Each of them Has Its Own Language, Tradeions, History, Culture. There are no luxurious resorts and hotels on this earth, so federal states of micronzia Attracts of adventures, Divers and Underwater PhotoS Wander Around the World with A Backpack on Their Shoulders.

Sights of the Federal States of Micronzia

Surprise the Federal States of Micronzia with Their Waterfalls. The Most Exceting Are Kepirochi (Kepirohi), Savartik (Sahwartik) and Liduduhniap. ENCHANTING Underwater Scenry of Micronzia Attraact Divers from Around the World. Only in kosraa there moan 50 places for diving located close to the shore. In Ponpey, You can do at the atoll Pakin (Pakin) and in the Black Coral. ChIIK SLAVA LAGUNA TRUK (TRUK), WHOLE THE WHOLE JAPANESE FLET WAS SUS, and the Coastal Waters of Japa Visit a Huge Number of Slopes.

National Cuisine of the Federal States of Micronzia

Culinary Habits in Micronzia Do Not Differ Much in the Territory. The Main Products are: Tarot Root, Breadwood Fruits, Coconuts, Yams, and Fish is the Main Source of Protein. AFTER THE AppeRANCE OF EUROPEANS, IT Became Very Popular Products: Corn, Manion, Potatoes. In Recent Deucades, The Federal States of Micronzia Prefers Semi -finined Products and Dry Breakfasts Imported Fram Australia and the USA. Another Nuance: Alcohol is prohibited in Chiika.

Weather in the Federal States of Micronzia

From Season to Season, Temperatures Do Not Change Much in Micronzia: ABOUT 30 DeGREES, DAYTIME TEMPERATURES ARE HELD, and ABOUT 23 – NIGHT. Like all the islands of this Region, The Federal States of Micronzia Suffer From High Humidity, Especially the Ponpey Island. The Rainy Periods From April to December and Its During this Period that Typhoons, Storms and Hurricanes Threaten this Pacific Region. December-April or Season Ison is the Most Comfortable for Visiting Micronzia, A Period.