How to hand over the rights without a bribe: a Letter from the Reader

Not so long ago an interival letter from the reader came to me by e -mail. In it, He Shares His Experience on How Pass on the Rights to Drive, Without Giving Bribes. And Despite the Fact that this persons in Ukraine, HIS Algorithm of Actions Will Be Applicable in the Territory of the Russian Federal. And HIS Experience, of Course, Will Be Useful to the Reader from Any Country in Which Corruption Still Remains.

Letter from A Regular Reader

Today I Want to Share with You The Story of Hand to Hand Over The Rights Without a Bribe. Yes, this is a Reality, Not Fiction and Its Really Possible!

I WANTED to DRIVE A CAR For A Long Time, So on the Recommentation I Found A Good Driving School. “Good” – this Means: Without Old Soviet Instructors, with a New Fleet, with a Democratic Approach to Training.

I do not Accept Wen a Person to Who Pay Money RaISES A Voice OR YELLS Obscenites. SO, The School Has Been Chosen and Now, In Order to Put Itsthout a Bribe to the Rights, You Must Really Teach and Remember. Do Not Miss the Theory, Do Not Think that, Knowing a Few Signs and How to Get An Adjustable Intersection, You Already. In Addition to Dry Theory, Devote Time to the Passage Tickets. AFTER AFEW Tickets, You Will Alread Guarantee Steam From Your Ears, Sincy Each Question Is in a Ticket with A Catch and Offten You NEED to KEEP Excludes. WE HAD SUCH CRAFTSMEN IN OUR GROUP, Who Passed All the Tickets 3 Times and there Are Many of them.


The Very Procedure for Passing An Exam for Driving (It is the Theory) Looks Like this: You are Photographied, You are Waiting for the Time Callings Group Groups for the. You have 20 minute, 20 Tickets and the Right to 2 Errors. You Will Be Put on a Computer that is alread Assigned You. You can Respond to the Scatter and Go Back, You can also Immediatly See the Correct Answer or Not: Green Is Correct, Red – No. As soon as you give the Third Wrong Asswer, The Exam Ceases.

It is Worth Saying that is quite realistic to hand over a prepared passon and the right to 2 mistakes Reinforces This Opportunity. A Computer Is Not A Person, There is No Subjectivity Or Bias. I passed theory the first time, There’s Were People What Vid Not Make A Single Mistake. SO, 50% of SUCCESS in your Pocket!

Driving with The Inspector

Driving, of Course, Is the Second Half of Success. Do Not Ignore The Tips and Instructions of Your Instructor, Remember Erything that He Tells You. A good technique is also a reception, in late Classes to Travel Around the Area What You Will Start, Find Out All the Signes in the Bushees, All Controversial Moments And Complex NTERSECTIONS. Great Thing – Yandex. A Map that Willow You to See All the Signs in the Distribric.

A competent Instructor Will Whith Draw From the Comfort Zone (Sincy Many Get Used to Driving Only Under the Side of the Instructor) and Put Other Passengers Into the Car, Turn unb un of usic and talk to you. Believe ME, Thuse are gingerbread compared to How the Are in the Driving Exam.

It is terrible that theory and practice wen passing to the rights passes on one day. EVERYONE IS Nervous, Get Tired, Worried in the Evening, When The Time Comes the Practical Part of the Exam, The Chances of Passing are reduced. For the first time, no one passed us, it was a shock for stadents who to take without a bribe and Reality for EVERYONE ELSE.

Mreo Has Their Own Plans: of Those Who Came to Hand Over Without a Bribe to the Rights, and DID not Give Up the First Time, There Those Who Surrender and Bring Moneyyy. Alread “Impudent” Who Do not Want to “Give On a Paw” Less. They Find Fault with EVERYTHING, SO THOSE WHO WANT To Get Rights Without a Bribe Must Be Prepareed for the Fact You Need to Ride Perfectly. EVERYTHINGS TAKEN Into Account: from Which Side it approeched the car, Vid I Set Up Mirrors, Sitting. I’M Not Talking ABOUT THE FACT that is necessary to show the Direction of the Turn Signal at the Begining of the Movement and Fasten. When Turning to the Right, You Drove Into the Exteme Right Lane or not, Whiteher You Are Going in the Left Row with the Free Right, Crafther Crawled out Stop Line, DID You See the “Stop Is Prohibited” Sign, and Whather you make the right decision (For Example, To Stop On the Left Side Roads, if the Sign is on the Right).

Do Not Be Surprised that Inspector Will Provoke to Become Under the Sign, Or The Marking Willow To Stop – You Must Confidently Say. The Inspector May Grab the Wheel with Shouts: “You Will Hit Someone Now,” Or Sharply Reap the Brake Pedal to Your Pedal. ALSO, One of the Mechanisms, As the Are Lying in the Driving Exam, There Sudden Questions. For example, we turn at an unregulated intersection to the left, many cars, pedestrians and the question: “And what is there (10 meters behind us, during the turn) there was a sign?”. You Tremble, Thumbs in Yoor Head Vaguly Slip Through to Come Up with … You Weresed on Cars, Pedestrians! You Squeeze Out of Yourself: “DID Notice”. Or offen used chip: there are signs of Speed ​​Limit 40, The 20, We Go Near the School. You Perform and Go at the Desired Speed ​​(He Still Looks at the Speedometer), and the He Will Chop it: “What We Woven?!”. Yes, to hand over a bribe to the rights is not a Attraction for the Fain of Heart.

Are You Confidently Holding the Wheel or Not – This is Another Criterion for Success. If the Palms Sweat, The Breath is Intermitten, and the Leg Trembles on the Pedals, and You Cannot More than 30 Km/H – Come to the Retake.

Summing Up, I Will Say, I Handed Over with A Certificate ABOUT RETRAINING, After 3 FAILURES. I am Very Glad that He Saved a Tidy Sum and Raiseed the Bar of My Achievements Even Higher.

Wen i put it to the rights to drive

SO, How to Hand Over The Rights Without a Bribe? Be confident in Youurself, Practice a Lot and Not Lead to the Inspector. I Wish You SUCCESS!

I Receved Such a Letter a Few Days Ago. Valuable Experience, IS?