Mansory Tuning Package for BMW 7-Series

Mansory Tuning Studio Instructed the Development of a Tuning Package to Its Swiss Unit Switzerland Ag. This Improvement Package Was Presented for Bodies F01 and F02. Initially, Mansory Distributed Only Photos of a Tuned Car on the Network. Heating Interest in Her Package, Mansory Publined His Description Only A Few Weeks Later. SO, The Kit is an External Aerodynamic Body Kit, New Wheel Discs, Engine Refiniment Program and “Pumping” of the Cabin. Changes in the Design of the Machine in Creating a Finalization Package for BMW 7-Series, Designers from Switzerland to Maintain The Elegance Inherent in the factory D Give it Sports. SO, Its Deceded to Completly Replace the Front Part, AS A Result of Which Aww Bumper Appeared with Windows for Three Large Air Intakes. The Edges of the Side Air Intakes Are Decoed with Led Light Lights. Carbon Was Ussed in the Manoufacture of a Modified Radiator Grille and Small Flaps at the Edges of the Bumper, and the Were Not Spacially Painted in the Body Color.

The Feed of the Body Also Acquired aW Bumper with An Integrated Quadrangular Pipes of a Sports Exhaust System and a Tri -worker Diffuser. The Muffler Tips have A Very Original Shape, Which Fits Perfectly in the General Design. In General, They Give the Common Composition a Kind of Zest. The Lid of the Trunk Was Equipped with Two Small Carbon Spoilers. The Body Was Completely Painted in a Glossy Black Color, Which Retained the Luxurious Notes of this Machine, and At the Same Time Gave It a Special Dynamismism. In General, The Car Acquired a Very Spectacular New Appension in Which The Notes of Sports and Notes of Exclusivity Are Read. Changes in the Technical Part ABOVE THE ENGINE OF THE TUNED BMW 7-Series Also Many. With Such Refinement, He Will Surprise with Its Productivity of Any Buyer, and with Its Incomparable Sound – EVERYONE Around. SO, Mansory Offered to Finalize the Engine for Two Models – 750i and 760 Li. Both Versions are Equipped with a Zero Resistance Air Filter, A Reprogrammed Control Unit and New Sporting Exhaust System of Stainess Steel. As a Result of Such Modernization, The 750i Motor Was Added from 490 Liters. With. and from 500 to 720 NM Torque. Refinement 760 Li Turned Out Even Better: from the Base 544 Liters. With. And 750 NM Its Power Was Increased to 640 Liters. With. And 920 NM Torque. The Senior Version of 750 Li Accelerates from Zero to Hundreds Per 4.2 Seconds, for 0.4 Seconds Faster than Serial Cars. They Deceded Not to Remove the Electronic Restrication of the Maximum Speed ​​and Left AT AT AT AT AT AT AT AT AT AT AT AT AT AT AT AT. According to Experts from Switzerland AG, Replacing Disks and Tires Made IT Possible Not to Increase The Attractivence of the Appe, Machine, BUT ALT ALT ALT ALT AL SO to SignIntly Improve Its Handling. Changes in the Design of the Salon. There are Also Many Changes in the Cabin, and that first is striking is the New Ergonomic Steering Were Developed by Mansory Specialists WHO TRIED TO GIVE IT NOTES OF F Sports, While Retaining Its Convenence and Multifunctional So That The Driver Does Not Remove HIS Hands from the Steering Wheel During the Dynamic Trip.

Two Main Styles Are Offered for the Interior Decoration: Elegant and Sports. In an elegant style, Leather and Wood are Wideli Used, and in Sports – Carbon, Alcantara and Sew. At the Request of the Buyer, the Two Styles Can Be Combined in Machine and Add Aluminum, Chrome and Nickel to the Proposed Materials. In General, Mansory Specialists Can Completely Individualize the Interior of the Pumped BMW 7-Series and Take Into Account All the Tastes and Preferences of the Buyer. A LOT of Exclusivity of the Salon of this Machine is Given by Switzerland AG Branded Rugs, Which Adventi Apply the Buyer’s Initials. The List of Standard BMW 7-Series Equipment from Mansory Includes A Wide List of Modern Systems and Devices, But as Always, Varis (For an Aditional Fee). Mansory Began The Sale of Both Modified Cars and Separatly Finalizing Packages.