Magic Morocco, as a Desire Performer

For Centuries, Traveleers Crossed the Desert and Swam The Ocean in Search of a Mythical and Unique Morocco, Admiring Its Royal Palaces, Unxpeced Oatses, Crafts and Crafts And Local H Ospitality. If there is a Desire to Relax in Unique Guest Houses, Explore The Ancient Berber Villages, Get Lost in Historical Medons, See the outfits of tuaregs, the cowontry of morocco Will Not D D DD D DD DD DD ISAppoint and Fulfill All Desires.

The Attractions of Morocco

The Country of Morocco Offers So Many Attractions to Tourists and Traveleers that Will BENUGH VACATIONS. Here You can:

To see the unique show on jemaa -el-fna (Djeme El-FNA), Where Artists and Sellers of Potions, Snakes and Acrobats, Storytellers and Musicians, Dancers and Transvestites Arrange The West Orld’s Largest Barbecue;

Pass along the Mysterious Gorge of Tondra (Todra) and the Charging Valley of Dades (Dades), Wild Roses Grow in Spring;

Open The City of Fes for Themselves, Were The Labyrinths of the Streets Are Dotted with High Minarets of Mosques, Among Which The Radiant Al-QaAwiin OU Can Meet the History of the City in the Dar Badha Museum (Dar Batha (Dar Batha);

Explore Roman Ruins from Velubilis (Volubilis), Guarded by UNESCO;

To Relax in Medina Shefchauen (Chefchaouen), Were Moroccan Arches are Combined with Andalusian Architecture;

Take A Walk Along the Streets of Casablanca and Visit the Art Deco Galleries, Which this Modern Metropolis Be So Proud of;

To see the Bohemian Grand Socco and Petit Sokko, In Which Many Writers, Poets and Rock Stars, Such as the Rolling Stones, Found Inspiration.

National Cuisine Morocco

As a Rule, Moroccans Eat Three Times a Day. Breakfast Canned Food, Olive Oil and Baghrir – Blinov. At Lunch, Moroccans Prefer Couscous from Lamb or Tajin – Stew with Vegetables. Another National Dish Is Harira – Soup to Which Locals End Their Day. Without Tea, The Country of Morocco Cannot Do, However, AS Whathout Coffee that Drink with Sugar and Milk.

Weather in Morocco

The Main Characteristics of Morocco Climate Are Hot Summer and Cool Winter. The Hottest Month Is August, When The Temperature is ABOVE 30 Degrees, and the coldest is January, whether it decresses to plus 10. In Addition, Snow Falls in the Mountains in Winter, Which Lasts a Couple of Months. The Country of Morocco Isespecially Beautiful in Spring and Autumn, When it is not and Humid, and The Surrounding Splendor SHines Even Brights.