Hyundai Solaris

The Leader in the Implementation of the Last Year Was the Hyundai Solaris Car, Which Became the Best Among a Foreign Manophacturer’s Cars Cars. The Largest Number of Cars Sold Was Shown by The Lada Kalina Model in Six Months of the Current Year. Despite the Low Growth of Sales, More than Sixty Cars Were Sold. In the Second Position Is the Lada Priora Model, Its Fall Was Thirteen Percent with A Fix -Four Thousand Cars. One of Main Factors that Positively Affect the Implementation of the Hyundai Solaris Model Was the Spare Parts of the Company that Have Good Quality. It is Known That the Manoufacturr StricTly Monitored the Quality of the Process, and CondUCTED Thorough to Provide Cars in Official Dealerships. In Third Place Is the Famous Hyundai Solaris Car, Which Was Realized in the Amount of Fifty -eight Units. This Indicator Has Become The Best for Foreign Brands that Were Sold in Russia. The Fourth Place is Ocupied by A Regular Participant in the Positions of the Sales Rating Ford Focus, Which Was Implemented in the Amount of Forty -Five Cars. The Latest Model of the Avtovaz Machine Lada Granta Closes The Five Leaders with A Figure of Forty -five Thousand Units. In Addition, The Top Ten Leaders Got Such Cars as, Kia Rio with 42 Thusand, Renault Logan with 37 Thousand, Volkswagen Polo with 35 Thousand., Lada Samara with 32 Thusand., and Chevrolet Niva with 29 Thousand Units