New “Sivik”. How It Will Be? The Russian office of the Honda Company Distributed the First Photos of the Sivik Sivik Sedan on the Web, Which Will Already Appear Market of Ucaraine in March.

Apparently, The New Car Was Built on the Basis of Its Predecessor, and Also Retained Its Former Independent Rear Suspension. However, Interior Design and Body Design Is Somewhat Different from the Previous Generation. SIVIK 4D, and this is What is Called in the Company, Has Slightly Increased the Volume of His Trunk. Now it has Become 50 Liters More. The Motor of 1.8 Liters Also Subjected to Modification. Now He Will Give 142 Horses and ABOUT 174 NM. On the New “Sivik” It Will Clearly Look Great for the Backlight of the Car with A Variety of Execution Options.

The Basic Mechanical Transmission Will Be Six -speed, and the Machine Will Have Five of them. In Addition, Expensive Versions of a Car with Manual Gear Shifts Are Likely to Be Equipped with Steering Wheel Petals.

The Basic Version Will Include a 1.8 -liter Motor with 142 Horses, As Well as a Manual Box. The Most Affordable “Sivik” with a Machine Gun Will Rise in Price Quite Slightly. What is noteworthy, Already in the Basic Configuration, A Lot of UsEful and Interesting. This is a lcd display of 5 inches, The Stering of Music, The Stabilization System, The Assistance System at Starting Up the Mountain and Much More. As for Price, Nothing IS Known ABOUT THEM YET.