History Audi A6

Among Luxury Machines, A Business Clock is a Lot of Cars with A Bright Design. “Audi-a6 is Distinguished by Restraint and the Ability to Tune in the Type of Owner.

Auto Design

In 1997, The Premiere of the First Version of “Audi-A6” took Place. The Design of the Novelty Was Met by the Public Extraordinary. SOME SAY that it is style, OTHERS ARE TOO SIMPLE. But The Design A6 Is Made in the Style of An Intelligent, Extravagant Car. In the Round-And-Table Contours of the Audi Case, A Little of All. He is not Striking Either Arrogant Stifness or Causing Aggression. SUCH ANTELLLECTUAL “with A Neat Appe their. Note that event the Modification of the 2002 Model Year Has Made Significant Changes to the Dynamic Parameters, and the Extendal Design of the Machine Almost Did Not Toun.

The Car Interior Is Made in the Modern Business Style of the Volkswagen Company: Maximum Laconic Lines, Smooth Surface and No Element is Strikeing. The Illusion Is Creed that Salon Is Not Made of Components, But is One Whole. Plus Elegant Decoration Elements. Wooden Inserts look Especially Beautiful in A6. All Together this leaves an extemey positive impression.

Another Plus of A6 Salon Can Be Distinguished by Spaciousness. EVEN THE FRONT SEATS Are Pushed to the End and Lower Down, Passengers Sitting Behind Do Not Feel Infringed: The Legs Under the Chair Do Get Get Stuck, and the Front is a GOD Y of Freedom. By the Way, in the Cabin There Is a Backlight in the Back of the Cabin, and Elegant Lamps For Reading AreTegrated from ABOVE.


Like Any Luxury Car Business, Audi-A6 Has Many Active Security Mechanisms. With Any of the Engines in the Configuration, You Acquire a System of Dynamic Stabilization, And with V6 and V8 Engines – Also Bixenon Headlights with A Washer. Of Couurse, The Quatro All -Wheel Drive Shoup Also Be Reliable. From Additional Devices that Help Prevent Euros.

If the Accident is Inevitable, Frontal and Front Side Pillows, As Well as the Pedal, Will Come to Protect the Driver from Injuries from Injuries. This is in the factory configuration. Additionally, You can buy Window and Rear Lateral Airbags. They Play an Important Role if the other car travels with the driver, and sits from Behind. By the Way, in the List of “Safe” Additions There is a Sensor Reminiscent of Unsteady Seat Belts. IF YOU CATEGORILLY Do not Use The Belt, The You Can Only Sympathize. After all, no Pillows are effective with. Remember ABOUT CAUTIONTT THE WHEEL To AVOID an Accident.

Types of Configurations

Output Briefly the Entire Number of Price and Options for “Audi-A6” is unrealistic. In the Russian Market, The Car Comes Out with Several Bodies, 8 Gasoline Engines, 3 Diesel Versions, 4 Types of Transmissions, With The Front and All -Wheel Drive of Kvattttttro. Comparing All Possible Versions of the Components: The Body, The Motor and A Box of Speeds, 52 Versions Were ReleASED (Not Counting the All -Terran Version of “Allwood”). And if you Take Into Account Additionally for Each Model, An Affordable List of Additional Equipment. In Short, The Plant Can Operate for More Thin Without Production Two “Twins” Audi A6.

We are Very Popular with us sedans with Gasoline Engines V6 with A Capacy of 2.4 Liters and 3.0 Liters. In the factory configuration with Front -wheel Drive and A Mechanical Speed ​​Box, They Were Assigned to 37,480 and 44.520 Euros, Respectively. The Avtro All -Wheel Drive Canstalled with Any of the Engines, Paying ABOUT 3050 EUROS For it. IF A MECHANICAL TRANSMISSION IS NOT Suitable for You, You Canstall a Robotic Cuneeform Version of the Multitronics (2720 EUROS) On the Front -wheel Drive Instead of it, And the Standard Hydromechanical “Automatic” “Tipronika” (2650 EUROS). The Rest of the Configuration Based on the Taste and Thickness of the Customer’s Wallet.