Noise Insulation of the Daewoo Nexia Car.

Nowadays, A Person Who Has Iron Nerves and Olympic Calm Can Drive a Car. Because on the Road there ARA A LOT of “Underwater Stones”, Such AS Drivers Whose Do Respect AXCCEPT TheMSELves, Traffic Jams and Other Tubles. And IF You Add Unpleasant Excessive Noise to All these Stressful Situations, In Addition to the Usual Background Or Wound Engine, Which IS Familiar Witis Does do nots R Mooded Favorably and Does Not Create Comfort When Driving by Car. Very Annoying Creaking Poorly Driven, Screen and Screen Details. The Noise from them isMitted to the Salon and the Sound of Good Sound Equipment is not possible.

Excessive Resonant Interference Can Distort the Sound of Acoustic Systems. And since this happens in your beled Nexia, it is to Engage in Sound Insulation. IF Noise Insulation Is Made Qualitatively, The Thi Will Save Your Hearing From Varius Extranouus Noise. We Deceded to Engage in Sound Insulation and Analyzed the Noise, Establined their Cace, Frequency and Only the Began to Eliminate Theresa. It is Necessary to Take Into Account The Fact that a Lot of Noise Produce Poorly Fasthened Attachments. Vibration Can Be from the Antenna, Spoiler, Wings and Trunk. SO it is necessary to consolidate all the ABOVE. SHIPPED TIRES ARE MORE Noisy than Ordinary. We Will Do Noise Insulation with Our Own Hands. We Bouught a Set of SoundProofing Materials.

FIRST of All, It MUST BE Borne in Mind this is a raather difficult Matter and We Dismantle The Entire Salon. Let’s Start with the Panels, Seats, Internal Upholstery and Extremely Carefully React to the Wiring. Mine, Clean and Degrease The Surface and Start Work. To Protect the Body from Vibrations, We isolate Almost All of Its Parts, and it Takes a Lot of Time. As soon as noise -rack matrials are finally Installed, We Need to Return the Car to the Car The Usual Look and Fix EVERYTHING. We Reacted Very Carefully to the Details that We Unscrew, So that Arre No Extra Assembly During Assembly.

I MUST Say that Nexia Has Noise Insulation of the Cabin and Luggage Compartment. The Standard Sound Insulation Is Under Seats and That’s All. In Those Places Where Are No Standard Sound Insulation, We Treated with Latex Rubber Mastic, Which Has No Smell and IS Applied with A Simple Brush. She Had to Cover in Two Layers and She Had to Dry for 5 Hours. Were there is no standard Sound Insulation, We Used Foil Isolon. The Inside of the Rear Wings Was Glood with A Thick Foil Insolon Were No Gaps. He Also Acted with the Inside of the Rear Wings and Trunk. The Doors Were Not Forgotten Either, I Had to Spend a Lot of Time on EVERYTHING, BUT Its Worth Its! Especially the Difference is notceable in Winter, My Nexia Has Foil Thermal Interculation of the Hood, and I canburn from Touching the Hood After A Long Drive. The noise in the Cabin is much Smaller. We Spent All Exactly Two Days and 1150 Rubles.

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ABOUT NOTE THE CARS A Source of Noise, Many Elements Create a Noise that Negatively Affects The Driver and Passengers When Moving. The Engine, The Exhaust System Creates a Lot of Noise and Vibrations, When Moving to the Noise of the Engine and EXHAUST, Noise from Tires and Oncoming Wind are adededed. In Order to Reduce

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The Largest Irritation During a Car Drive is a Constant Buzz of the Engine and the Noise of the Wheels and Transmission. In Order to Get Rid of this Problem Once and For All, You Can Resort to the Services of a Car Service, But Its Better to Make a Car Noise Insulation with Yur Own Hands. By its level you canve

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Daewoo Lanos Today Is One of the Most Popular Cars in the Cis Countries. FIRST of all, this is Explained by an Acceptable Cost, However, The Individual Technical Characteristics of this Car Leave Much to Be Desired. Consumers Faced with The Prince and Disadantages of this Model