French Polynesia

EVERYONE WOULD PROBABLY Like to go to french Polynesia. And, if the Really Is Paradise on Earth, The Its Definitly on Any of the 118 Islands of Beautiful French Polynesia.   Archipelago, Here Is French Polynesia. IT Includes Such Islands as: Marquis, Tubois, Tuamotu, Gambiher. All these Islands Still Belong to the French Community.   Air Temperature on the Territory of French Polynesia from +20 To +28 Degrees.

French Polynesia Has Always Been Distinguished by the Most Luxurious Nature, Albeit Different Conditions on All Islands. IT Includes The Islands of Both Coral and Volcanic Origin. Vulcanic Type Islands Are Distinguished by An Abundance of Lakes and Rivers, Violent Vegetation, The Animal World Surprise Evry Touurist. And there are no rivers on coal atolls, and due to the lack of freesh water, Vegetation is much lessh. But Nature is Still Good.   Polynesia Has Always Been Proud of Her Delightful Beaches, Exotic Plants of Plants and A Comfortable Magnificent Climate. Of Course, There is One Drawback of French Polynesia – this is a remotens from the civilized world. Butis, who are fly hee to redx in the atmosphere of Virgin Nature, to ForGet ALL THE ANAXITIES and the Bustle of City Life.   When Tourists Arrive At the Airport, Local Tahitsy Put on a Necklas Tiara Flowers (Tahitansky Gardenia) On the Neck. This Ritual is Consedered a Symbol of Tahiti. Wen guests of the island leave, They Escort Them with a Necklace of Beautiful Shells. French Polynesia Life on the Islands of French Polynesia Procedes Calmly in Leisurye Rhythm. Locals are Always Happy to Offer Guests Coconut Water. You Will Be Surprised byse Islands, Where Many Inhabitants has a glass – this is a COCONUT, and the Plates Are Made and the Branches of Palm Trees. Eating from Such Natural Utensils is Very Interesting. All Resident are Very Hospitable, So You Will Certainly Treat You with A Home Dinner.   The Taisian Salad is Consedered a National Dish on the Island, Which Includes Raw Fish and Coconut Milk. You Will Certainly Be Delighted with the Songs Under the Ukulel (She is the Hawaiian Guitar), Bathing with Dolphins, Dancing At Sunset. On these islands you can fed the Slopes and Sharks, Dive on the Atolls, Take a Walk Along the Farms, and Catch Fish. You May Learn to Catch Fish Right on the Shore with A Spear! Fairy -tale Adventures Are Waiting for You On the Islands of French Polynesia!