Region – Australia, What is Interesting Australia for Tourists?

Australia is Consedered One of the Most Amazing and Interesting Countries in the World. FIRST of All, The Guests of this Country ATTRACTEDD BY Indescrible Beauty Nature and the Developed Infrastructure of the Country. Those Tourists who Want to get into the cote d’Azur, as well as Those Whant to Conquer The Mountain Peaks, Also Go to the Country. Australia is attractive to its exotic Forests and Deserts. The Most Common Sports of Entertainment Among Tourists are Surfing and Diving.   One of the Most Suitable Places for Surfing and Diving in Australia Is One of the Fastest Growing Areas of Modern Australia – The Golden Coast. This area is Forty-Two Kilometers of the Golden Beach, in thisa equa of the laarge ports of the south Pacific Coast is also located. On the Golden Shore, Both Australians and Foreigners Buy Real Estate with Pleasure.   Lovers of the Underwater World, It is Worth Visiting a Large Barrier Reef, One of Largest Coral Reefs Around the World. IT Consists of Two Thousand Nine Hundred Separate Reefs and Nine Hundred Islands Stretching for Twusand Six Hundred Kilometers. In the Waters of the Great Barrier Reef, Tourists Love to Engage in Diving, Sailing, Swimming. Reef Belongs to the World Property of Mankind.   No Less Interesting for Guests of the Country and Large Cits. Rich Architecture, Numerous Places for Relaxation and Entertainment Attract More and More Tourists to the Cities of Australia Eve Year.

National Dishes of Australia

Australian Cuisine is One of the Most Diverse and Unusual in the World. PEOPLES PEACEFULLLY Living in Australia, Such AS The British, Greeks, Germans, Yugoslav, Chinese, ETC. D. They Contributed to Modern Australian Cuisine.   National Dishes of Australia Can Hardly Be Found in Other Countries of the World, A Tourist, UndoubTeLy, Shoup Try Dishes of Kangaroo, Crocodile, Buffalo, Ostrich And Opossu m.   Pasta “Vedzhimit”, is One of the Most Belved Dishes in Australia. It is pre -Basis of Yeast Extract with the Addition of Celery and Onions. Residents of the Continent Do Not Imagine Their Breakfast Without this Pasta. It is Customary to Spread it on Bread and Crackers.   An Equally Popular National Dish Among the Australians is Consedered a Puff Dungh Cake Called “PII”. In Some Restaurants, Tourists Can Offer Exotic Delicacies from Beetles and Larvae.   Probably One of the Main Components of the Kitchen of Australia is Meat. In almost Australian Restaurant, Tourists are offered the Widest Selection of Meat Dishes.   Australia is Rich and Seafood. An integral part of the australian meal is a variety of fish, lobsters, shrimp, mussels, Crabs, scallops, Which Are Fried on a Grill With SaUCES and RICE. Of the Unique National Dishes, You Can Call a Rather Hard Barracada Meat, Bucked on Trout Coals, Salmon Fish Meat, Barramandi Fish, Spareper Fish, Reminisement of Pikeh Tae Taste Pike Perch.   ABOUT TWENTY PERCENT OF AUSTRALIAN PLANTS ARE EDIBLE. A variety of salads are Prepared from All Kinds of Local Vegetables. The Country is Also Rich in Various Fruits, Such AS: Mango, Kiwi, Avocado and Other Tropical Fruits.   Famous Australian Desserts Are Consedered “Pavlova”, Which Consists of: Kiwi with Meringue and Fresh Cream, as well as a biscout, Doused with Chocolate and Sprinkled with Coconuts Callend Lamington ”, Arnotta Biscuits and Oatmeal with Coconut Walnut“ Angsax ”

Weather in Australia

SINCE Australia is localn in the South Hemisphere of the Earth, The Order of Seasons Here Is Mirrined From The Northern Hemisphere. In the Winter There Is Summer, Spring – Autumn, in the Summer – Winter, and in the Fall – Spring. The Hottest Months of the Year in Australia ARENMBER, December and January, The TEMPERATURING THIS PERIOD IS USALLY FROM THE PLUS TO PLUS TO PLISTY -two Degrees, AN ANTWO D In the Central Regions of the Country the Temperature Can Plus Thirty to Two Two or Forty -two. Despite the Fact that after Sunset, The Temperature May Ten Twelve Degrees.   In the Area of ​​the Large Barrier Reef and the Pacific Ocean, The Weather Is Softer. In June, July and in August, The Temperature Rice no Higher Plus Fifteen – Plus Eighteen Degrees, and in a Temperate Belt It Falls to Zero Degrees. In the Winter of the Year, Rains Offten Go. On the Western Coast of the Country, Due to the Influence of the Ocean, the Climate is Slightly Softer, Here in the Summer There the Thirty -Degree Temperateure, In Winter, Plus Eighteen – Plus Twenty Degrees in the Afternoon and Plus Six – Plus Eight Night.   Hot Dry Summer and Rain Soft Winter, Such a Mediterranean Climate Reigns on the Southeast of Australia. The Island of Tasmania Is the Cool Place of the Country. Daily Temperature in the Summer Plus Twenty – Plus Twenty -two Degrees, In Winter a Dozen Degrees Cooler.   Strong Weather Changes for the Months of the Year in Australia Are not Observed.