Skoda Octavia RS 2011.

I Got to the Test Drive of Skoda by Chance: I Invited the Old Acquiantance-I Wanted to look?. I Don’t Know Who He NEEDED A Sports Car, But in the End WeTed the Updated Version Octavia RS Production of 2011. In General, The Skoda Corporation Likes to Expose All Kinds of Alterations to His Alread Firmly Gaining Recognition of Motorists of the Car. AFTER SUCH RESSTYLING, The MODEL WE HAVE Chosen Attraacts SPECIAL AFTER SUCH RESTYLING. Skoda Octavia RS IS, Throw Sports, But Still Quite A Family Modification. By the Way, The Manoufactoring Company Positions It as “The Best Sports Class Car”. BUT You can find avything her: At the International Competitions, Er-Er-Ka Was Recognized as the Its Segment and Now Wears The Proud Title of “City Rocket”. And Russian Motorists Call it The “Fastest Car”.

I tried to find the disadvantages in Technical Equipment – and COULD NOT: The Improved Charaacteristics of the Previous Model Arleli Visible Here Here. Thhees Include a TurboCharged Diesel Engine with a working Volume of 2 Liters and Capace of 200 “Horses”, Which Consumes Slictly Lesser 100 Km When Moving On Mixed Rout ES, Allowing You to Experience Real Euphoria From Power and Dynamism. Acceleration from A Place to 100 KM is Carried Out in 7 Seconds – An Excellent Advantage at the Start!

A six -speed Manual Transmission Equipped with A Robot Allows You to Switch Speeds Without Unnecessary Effort, You Will Likes -“. The City of Octavia Around the City Showed that Car Behaves Quite Agile, It is Almost Perfectly Controlled and Is Happy to Respond to the Driver’s Actions. It Becomes Clear that Skoda RS Under No Circumstances Will Fail the Newcomer-Driver, and More Experienced Will Bring True Prasire from Driving.

When Testing on Suburban and Specialized Racing Tracks, OUR CAR Revealed the Possibility of Sports and Hard Drive. At the Same Time, The Plastic Body Body Kit and the Protection of the Engine Crankcase Reliably Protect From Dirt and Water. IMPROVED AERDYNAMICS IS ACHIEVED DUE to the Spoilers of the Rear Bumper and the Door, The Special Streamlines of the Car Body and Another Innovation – A Double Exhab Pipe. As it Turned Out, Tinted Glass and Enlarged Fog Lights Will Become Indispensable On the Road.

And without that, the style of appEerance of er-ses-kika has for acquied brightness: The Branded Grille of the Radiator Has Increased and New Color Decments Have Appeareed. However, Most Buyers are Still Inclined to Traditional Black Or Silver Color, Some Choose Blue. And Quite a Few Those Who are not Afraid to be noted in the Sports Car of Yellow or Red Shades!

Comfort Is Felt Inside The Car, Allowing Af? Passengers to Relax on a Trip. Still, I am Inclined to Think That this Car Is More for Long Family Travels than for Speed ​​Exercesses. Skoda Octavia RS IMPressive with Expensive Interior Decoration, Complete Sound Insulation and Over -Linked Chairs with Multi -Side Support. This Configuration Has Alreaded Climate Control, Professional “Music” with LCD Display and-Again Restyled! – Side Mirrors with An Increased Review.

And then I Thumbht – EVERYTHING SEEMS Like EVERYONE ELSE, MANY AUTOMARES OFFER SUCH OPTIONS FOR MODELS. BUTHY THE THE POPULARITY of SKODA RS Growing Ever? In My Opinion, One of Reasons Is a Special Interior with A Sports Slope – Steel Pedals, A Steering Column With Original Branded Inserts, and White BackLight and Control Nodes, ANATOMIC, ANATOMIC Al Seats. Plus EVERYTHING FOR A FEE IS Offered Completly Leather Upholstery of Seats and Salon and Rear Wiper.

It be adeded that price of skoda oktavia rs Absolutly not oversted: The Car Costs Exactly as Much AS USEFUL and PleASANT FUNTIONS, BECASE IS True Connoisseurs of Guaranteed Quality in Combination with A Special Style.