Diy Sound Insulation of Viburnum.

IF YOU DRIVE A CAR of Kalina, and Not Some Very Expensive Imported Car, The You Probably Though Many Times What It Would Be Good, Make Noise Insulation, Besuse The Noise I N The Cabin Is Nervous and Prevents The Trip from Enjoying the Trip. SINCE VIBurnum, this is A Car Produed by A NATIVE RUSSIAN CAR CONCERN, And Not High Cost, All the Details Under the Hood, Making Noise That Penetrates the Salon. In Addition, A Sufficient Amount of Noise from the Extendal Environment Also Penetrates The Salon. FIRST of All, You Will NEED to Start with ISOLATION FROM Noise in the Doorway. SINCE, Over Time, No Matter How Expensave and Good The Car Is, Its Doors Wear out and Begin to Stagger a Little and Vibrate a Little. Althrow Initially this was not. This is due to the fact that you Open and Close the Doors Evey Day Many Times. The Most Noisy Door Is the Door from the Driver’s Side. To this, you will need to remov the skin, then glue the metal surface of the doors with special matrillas. Further, After Gluing, IT Will BE Necessary to Fill the Space in the Door, With Some Seals Or Foam DOOR DOOR DOOS Not Vibrate Much and Doges Not Cause Resonance. Only then, They Put the Casing Back. In Addition, The Noise Also Penetrates from the Trunk. Orve from the Street to the Trunk, and from there to the Salon. Therefore, it Will Be Necessary to Remove the Sheathing Behind the Cabin and in the Trunk. Then, Glue The Surface with Special SoundProofing Materials. And Pour All the Cracks with Foam. That, Again Install the Casing.

After that, you n, to make noise insulation of the house in your viburnum. The Smallest in the Hood Is the Engine. It Will Be Necessary to Glue ITH the Same Materials Reflecting the Sound, and Necessarily Heat, SincE The Haod Has High Temperateure. In Addition, You NEED to SMEAR all The Cracks and Cover the Surface Separating the Cabin from the Hood. Further, IF You Want to Make A Good Enung Sound Insulation of Kalina with YouThnn Hands, You Will NEED to REMOVE THE SKIN THE SKIN THE SKIN. THEN, COMPLETELY COVER THE ENTIRE SURFACE WITH SUUSIAL SUUNDPROOFING MATERIALS. Pour All Joints with Foam or Other Reagents, On a Liquid Basis. The Installation of the Sheathing Back. All this Will Make Your Salon Quiet and Comfortable. It is noting that after that, you will have a different acoustics in the cabin. TheFore, The Sound Will Sound Different.