“Serious” V8 New Masarati Granturismo.

Focusing is Carrried Out Specifically for the Driver’s Requests, In Which Gasoline in the Blood Is Developed Under Such a Motto, The Successor of the Modern Masarati-Granturis Mo Compartment is Developed. The Head of Laksher Brand Harald Wester Made a Promise that Next Generation Car Will Have A More Malicious Driver and V8 Engine, Which Will Determine The Generation of “Non-Child Puter”.

Executions with Built-in Twin-Turbo Units, In Accordance with The Expectations, Will Be Issed Approximatly 550 Horses. Modern Maserati Granturismo ⁠-Member of the 4.7-Liter Atmosphereic “Eight” is able to give out to the maximum of 460l. With.). Most Likely, for the Conditional Mass, The V6 V6 IS ALSO Used with A Capacy of 350-520 “Horses” and Volume of 3.0 L-EVERYTHING Will Depend On the Modification.

IT ShOULD Be Recalled that in Maserati BY 2018 Its Planned to Increase World Sales to 75 Thousand. Car or 5 Times. Despite the Platform Kinship with Qttroporte and Ghibli, Which Have the All -Wheel Drive Transmissions, The Compartment Will Only with The Leading Rear Wheels. Approximatly the Release of New items Is Expired for 2018. By the Way, It Was Deceded to Refuse The Grancabrio Convertible – The Car Has Demand in the United States, But the Sales Do Not Justify to Continue the Release. At the Same Time, in the Line of the Upcoming Grand Turer, in Accordance with the Motives of the Alfieri Concept, A Place for a Model Has a Folding Top Is Fund Fund.

And the Unique Madele Model Can Be Bouught for 3 Million. Doll. in USA. There Arenly 12 Copies of Cars in the World and Today of them Is Put Up For Sale in the States. Its Cost Shock Like His Power, 3 Million. Doll. for 755 “Horses”.

During the Development of the Maserati Model, Ferrari Enzo Was Taken as Basis, For this Reason the Are Called “Twin Brothers”. Italians Deceded to Limber of Cars So that Concept Receved Even Greater Exclusivity.