Six Reasons for the Engine Overheating

In a car traffic, Meeting a “Boiling” car is not at all uncommon, Especially in Hot Weather, Which Should BETALLED with the Beginning of Summer. What can be the reasons for overheating of the Engine and How to avoid them?

Naturally, The Most Effective Way Is Prevention. FIRSTLY, Not to ForGet, Periodically, To Check The LEVEL of Antifreeze in the Car Cooling System, Secondly, During

so cool the Engine

Movement Control The Readings of the Temperature Sensor. If, NeverTheless, The Trouble Happened and the Engine “Boiled”, YOU MUST IMMEDITALYSTELYST and DROWN OUT THE MOTOR. Do Not Try to Artificially Speed ​​Up the Cooling Process and Water The Engine with Water, and Even More Open The Radiator Lid Or Expansion Tank. Thus, You can only Create Additional Problems, and Even Get thermal. Technical Malfunctions Can Also Cause Engine Overheating. One of the Main One Refusal of the Fan of the Cooling System. If a fan with a Mechanical Drive, This Can Happen Due to the Cliff of the Drive Belt. There is only One Treatment Here – Replaceement. IF the Fan with An Electric Drive, The Reats for Its Refusal Can Be Greater:

1. Failure

This is perhaps the simplest breakdown. TheFore, It Shoup Start with it. We Examine the Fuse Block. A Diagram is applied on the LID, According to Which You Can Determine Is Responsight for What What What Whats. If the replaceement of the Fuse DID Not Help, Go to the Next Node.

2. Temperature Sensor Failure

This is what the Temperature Sensor Looks Like

It is locATed on the radiator itself and two wires are suitable for it, so it is not difficult to find it. Check Its Serviceability too. To do this, Remove the Wires from the Terminals and Close. IF the FAN HAS EARNED, You Can Drive Them and Continue To Move. In this case, the fan Will Work Constantly. You can boat ride Like that for a long time, butt you will get to the place of repair.

3. Fan Relay Malfunction

Following a Chain of Probable Reasons. The Relay is located in the same place as. Try to Clean The Contacts, Taking Out the Relay, You do not Help, You Can Try to Close The Control Contacts with A Piece of Wire. The Main Thing is to Carefully Study the Contact Scheme, it is applied on the lid. If this does not help, perhaps the Reason in:

4. Cliff Wires

It is Necessary to check your the electricity comes to the electric fence at all? To do this, you need a regular Light Bulb with Wires. That is, Simply “Nickname” An Electric Circuit. IF EVERYTHING IS Fine, BUT THE FAN, However, DOES Not Work, The Most Unpleasant Thing Happened –

5. Fan Engine Failure

In this case, you will have to move to the carvice with short grubs, and when the Temperature Will Reach The Red Line, Stop and Wait the Engine Cools Down Down.

Another Reason for the Engine Overheat is Possible –

6. Thermostat malfunction

IF the Engine is Hot, and the Radiator Is Cold, The Thermostat Is Out of Order

To check its performance, it is enunch to touch The radiator. Run it is cold, and the Engine Overheats, the Thermostat Needs to Be Changed.

By the Way, Somehow Such a Nuisance Happened to My Friend on the Track. You Know How He Got Out of this Situation? He repulsed the nozzle suitable for thermostat so that he woult not leak antifreeze, removd thermostat and simply pierced it with a nail. Of Course, He Stopped Working, But Since Its Constantly in the Open State, The Liquid Circulates in a Large Circle and the Engine Does Not Overheat. You can reach the village.

As You Can See, All of the Listed Reasons for Overheating of the Engine Are Associated with the Failure of Inexpensave Nodes and Details. Only Thilures Can Lead to the Fact that Engine Will Simply Jam, And these Alread Veryus Consequences and Expensive Repair. So Monitor The Car Cooling System in a Timely Manner, This Will Avoid Big Problems.