The Kingdom of Benin Is the State of Africa

The Republic of Benin is a state that is located in the Western Part of Africa. This is the Former Colony of France. More than 60 African Peoples Live in the State.

The Attractions of Benin

The City of Porto – Nova is the Fictitious Capital of the State, The Government and Business – Centers Moved to the Largest City of the Country of the City of Koton. The state language is french. From Moscow Time, Time in Benin Is Late for Two Hours in Winter, and For Three Hours in the Summer Period. One of the Famous Attractions of Benin Is the Palacs, of Which There Are Many. Each New Monarch, Built a Palace for Himself, To His Liking Next to the Resident of the Former. The Tourists Are of Interest to Another Architectural Feature, a Village of Hanvie. She stands in the Middle of Lake Nokue. This is local venice.

Relygion Doges Not Allow The Local Population to Enter The Water, So All the Buildings Are Built Here On Piles. In Benin the IS an Object of UNESCO – The Royal Palace of the Background, It is Covered with An Exceptional Bronze Bas -relief, and Historical Museum IS Located Inside Inside. And Lovers of Extreme Safari Will Open The Splender of Pristine Nature. In Benin, it is rich in Animals: Buffalo and Elephants, Antelopes, Panthers, Cheetahs and Lions.

Benin National Dishes

The Main National Dish Is Porridge from Yams (A Variety of Potates), Called “Fu Fu”. It Likes Mamalyg to Taste, it is difficult to eat, so it is served with Various spicy sauces.   Benin’s Kitchen Corresponds to General African Traditions, A Lot of Sharp Seasonings are Used.   Delicate From Goat Milk Is Common, It is fried in the sauce until the crust appears, so that it look like meat. BUT Local Residents Practically Do Not Use Milk. But Rice Dishes, Pasta Are Very Popular. Soluble Coffee is Popular from Drinks, it is served with Condensed Milk, and You Need Not to Drink, But to Dip Bered Into IT. One of the Soft Drinks – Citron. A LOT of Fruits: Mangoes, Bananas, PineApples and All of Them Are Very Cheap. Mangoes and Bananas Are Offten Given in Vain.

Climate Benin

Subequatorial Climate Reign in the North of Benin, Equatorial in the South of the Country. This Climate is Caused by Two Seasons: Dry and Rainy. The Dry Season Lasts from December to May; Unobtrusive from June to September, At this Time The Air Is Very Humid. The Best Time to Visit Benin is a Month from December to march, and this is not belcause of the Weather, But Also Becase National Holid Place During this Period. The Average Air Temperature Is From +25c to +27c. In January, The Average Temperature is Approximatly + 25c, in July + 32c.