Country Chad – Frozen Heart of Africa

Due to the Great Distance from the Sea and the Desert Climate, The Country of the Chad Has the Nickname “The Frozen Heart of Africa”. It is divide into Three Main Geographical Regions: The Northern Zone of the Desert, The Central Arid Land and the South Savannah. The Capital of Njamena (n ~ djamena) is a firedly city with an ammazing Central Market Where Trade Turns Into a Real Art Art. Lake Chad Is the Second Largest On the Continent and Provides the Country with Fresh Water.

The Attractions of the Child

Njamena Slowly Restores Its Reputation As One of the Most Colorful Cits of Central Africa. ITS Historical Center Is An Exciting Place, with the National Museum, Many Stores, Bars and Variety of Entertainment Institute. It is Worth Visiting Lake Chad in the Child, Not only Its One of the Largest in the World, But Also It Isidend the Center of Saline Africa, and From Augusta TOO TOO Ecember, Hippopotams and Crocodiles Are Teeming.

The Wild Country of the Chad is repressented by the National Park of the Purchase, Where Elephants, Lions, Giraffes and a Wide Variety of Antelopes Live, And the Desert CounTry OF CH Ildren Offers to Visit Abesha, The Former Capital of the PowerFul Sultanate Wadi ( OUADAI), Which Retained Its Charm of the East, Possessing Mosques, Snake -shaped Strokes and Old -line Strokes and Old -level Markets. Another Attractive Attraction is the Tibesi Mountains, Were Local Tububa Tribes Arrange Exciting Camels on the Desert.

National Cuisine of the Child

Despite the Adverse Climatic Conditions, The Country of Children Can Offer a Rather Nutritious Kitchen. The Main Culinary Products are Sorghum and Millet from Which Flour and Cereal Arepareed. Fried Lamb with Dried Chili and Lemon Is a Branded Dish of Roadside Villages in Sachel. The Restaurants of the Capital Offer Dishes of International Cuisine, But Their Menu Does Not Differ in a Great Variety.

Weather in the Child

The Country of Chard IS Divated into 3 Climatic Areas: • In the North, Thermometers Show: Plus 15 in January and Plus 40 in July; • In the Center, Temperature Varies from 22 Degrees – In Winter, Up To 33 – In Summer; • In the South, Summer Temperatures Can Reach 35 Degrees, and Winter Temperatures-21-24 Degrees.   Very Offten, Especially in Summer, The Territory of the Child Is Covered with Sandy and Dusty Storms Comb (. This Period Is Not Recommeded for Visiting the Country, Especially Not Accustomed to Such Cataclyssms, Europeans.